Sunday, June 26, 2011


So lately people have said this to me pretty often: "Are you insane? Are you crazy? Did you ran away from the mental hospital?"

I mean, Whyyyyyy~? So what if I'm a bit crazy and say crazy stuff, such as "I wanna eat a crocodiles ass"
or when a baby kicks me in the crotch I yell out "OW MY BALLS!", I mean what's wrong with that? O_o

I'm completely normal, dudes and dudettes! xD

Oh yeah, this is the shirt that I got from Estonia at a reduced price and I'm loving it<3 Look at my hair!!! OMG! Niceeee~ B)

So yeah, Never let people's words change you! So what if they call you crazy? So what if you really are a bit crazy? Just be yourself and say "F*uck you" to the world!! >:D

Don't take life too seriously, you won't make it alive anyway!
Oh Snap! This stuff is DEEP!!! >:D
Okey, this was such a random post but the point is always be yourself no matter how people try to change you, 'k? Luv Ya'll<3 I'm out, Peace!!! ;)

ps. Go check out this website for awesome sarcastic quotes!

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