Friday, June 17, 2011

New Haircolor! New Me!! :D

Hello my lovely readers!<3

I just dyed my hair blond yesterday :D I didn't dye my whole head, don't worry! Just a couple blond strands but I feel like I've done something extreme on my head! LOL xD

I dyed my hair because I don't want it to be so boring anymore. And I also want to change myself somehow :P
Everytime something really sad happens to me, I tend to change my hairstyle. Why? Because I think it gives a new feeling, a new beginning to start things all over again :D

In the past I used to cut it short but right now Hell No, I ain't cutting my hair no more when it's so damn long now! >:D So I added a couple blonde strands and I feel so "reborn" ^^

I really like the results and I wanna know what you guys think about it so here we go! :)

I'm so loving this hair right now ^^

As you can see, I only dyed the bottom of my hair and btw check out how lame my nails are! I only painted my left hand and not the right because It's too hard xD LOL

This was taken this morning and OH MY GOD! I LOVE THE SUN!! B)

Bye bye, old me! And Hello, new me! ;) btw I plucked my eyebrows too, I'm not a cave woman anymore! >:D

......Well, there's always gonna be the old me, don't worry. I'll always be a vammanen! >:D

I've been addicted to this simple make-up lately! Just foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. ;) Simple is the best! ;)

That's it Honeybees!<3 I think I'm raping the camera too much lately :/ Maybe I should change my blog name into "Camwhore corner"? xD hahha!! Cya in the next post!<3

Riceball's off to get some ice cream now! >:D Bye!<3<3 Luv ya'll! :*

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