Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random post + Vilma :)

Vilma was here the other day and it's been a long time since I've seen her so I was happy to meet her again^^

Black Kid vs Albino Kid

I just love her boxers ;D

She's so cute! We're like the opposites of each other. My skintone is dark and hers is pale, my hair is dark and hers is pure blond :D That's why I'm a Nigga and she's an Albino
MANYCAM FTW!!!! :D:D I'm sorry for making you blind with my beauty.. ;D
And some random moments with my big sis who turned 20 yesterday! :D Congrats to her ^^

...She doesn't look 20 years old woman, right? xD ASIAN POSES RULE! >:D

Oh hey, Check out my current nails! They're very cute and it's made by Banana :) A big thanks to her<3

I just love Polka Dots<3

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I went to shopping this morning with mah family yo! And I dyed my hair RED as you can see ;) How do ya like it? :P

Hi Guys! I've been kinda lazy :S How are ya?
It's sunday and I've had a good feeling since this morning because it's a SUNNY DAY!<3 God, I Love the Sun so much!

That's it for today, just a quick update to say hello :D

Domo-kun also says bye^^
Oh btw, I lied :P I didn't dye my hair red, It's red because of the sun! :D
Riceball's Out, YO! >BD)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prom + After party + THE CRUISE

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've updated my blog but that is because I've been busy with the Proms, After party and THE CRUISE ! :D
I had a really good time and I wish I could go back in time to those moments :))

Beware the picture explosion!!! Enjoy! >:D

So Here's a close-up of my make up and hairstyle for the prom ^^ My big sister Babygirlzee did this to me and I'm pretty happy with the results :D

Here's my dress that I bought at Vietnam, I got it very cheap! Hahahah! Stupid vietnamese sellers >:D
The girl in the middle is Banana and the girl on the right is Laura.

Princesses<3 from the left to the right : Noora, Henriikka, Jenni, ME, Mira, Banana, Elise & Katy<3

I don't know about other countries but in Finland when you're a second year and dancing in the Prom, You get to "play the teacher" for first years :D It was so fun!
And then came the After Party! :D Man, I've never had a night like that! This was our outfit for the night ;) This is how we looked like at 9 pm......

And a couple hours later..... My dress ripped right in the middle of my chest during that night! xD FAIL :P

Honestly, I had one of the greatest nights ever. The prom went great and the after party was AWESOME! I made a new friend there, You'll see a picture of him soon, just roll the page down ;)
Oh! these two After party pictures were taken by Emmi Linnavuori :)

And then came the CRUISE! :D I was so excited! Just imagine,
No parents + Your best friends + A cruise = PARTYING HARD! >:D

We had to wait for the ship to land for almost one hour! I got a little frustrated here xD

But then we got inside the ship and mood was UP HIGH! ;D

That's my dress for partying and I reeeeeeaaaally like it! I feel so sexy in it :D I got this from America so I don't know the price or whatever ^^

Hair and make up done quickly ;) That's Milena btw! :D Every guy's dream girl ;))

I'm the fastest one to get all ready :D:D

One last check before going out partying :)


Alex also joined us ^^ I have a lot of photos about this cruise but they're kinda inappropriate so I can't post them on here xD

I'm from mafia btw :D Naaaaah, I just thought Katy's shades looked really cool B)

This is Bright, the guy I mentioned before in the after party :) He's a really cool guy, we get along very well and have a lot in common! sometimes it's a bit scary 'cuz we have too much stuff in common... =_=

AND NO, WE'RE NOT DATING! He's my brother from another mother :D

So in short, I had an awesome trip with my friends and I think i'll never forget this. This is one of mine unforgettable moments in life that I will never erase<3 Uuuh, that's deep! :D
So many things happened on this cruise but I won't reveal them here ;) I Loved this trip<3

I'm a bit depressed 'cause I had the greatest time ever and now I have to go back to the real life which means school, teachers, homework and tests!!!! x(

Somebody help me -.-''