Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy First Of May! ...not yet but whatevah :D

We had a costume day at school because it's almost first of May :D
We didn't have any cool costumes so Elise and I put on some random things we found at her house xD

I was a bunny and she was a..... I don't actually know what she is but anyway xD

Our outfits<3 Hihhihi I like my ears so much ^^ I took this while Elise was sneezing >:D

My wife is so cute<3 I drew a heart on her cheek btw ;D

NOW EVERYBODY HAS TO SEE THIS! I PRESENT TO YOU THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND SEXIEST WOMAN ON EARTH! and NO it's not me, just roll down the page and you'll see!













Isn't this like the most epic hat ever!? Omg, she's so hot and YES, it's a SHE! xDxD

I'm so sorry if I traumatized you with this pic but I really do think that she's the most beautiful woman on earth :D Now I hope that my school won't find out about my blog or they'll kick me out xD

Lol, I'm out guys! Happy First Of May!!!<3<3<3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Hair Tutorial

HEEEYYY! I Know it's been a long time since I've updated but who cares? Do you care? No. Neither do I, so everyone's happy :D naaaaaah just kidding, I love u guys<3

Okay, so last weeken I was at A!Party, which was freaking awesome, and I want to give u guys quick hair tutorial of my hairstyle back then^^ 
Here's the after result and also my make up for the party :D (I know... This doesn't look like me at all xD)

1. Braid your hair in small sections

2. Use the hair straightener to straighten your every braid. (I think this damages your hair a lot but this way it lasts longer)

AAAAANND HERE'S THE RESULT! This hairstyle is perfect for partying! It's easy to whip ur hair back and forth, It creates extra volume and it looks cute :3

Hope you guys liked it!<3

PS. I Miss my friend Banana :''(

The MOST EPIC picture ever Lol xD This was taken years ago :D

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey Ya'll! It's friday and guess what? I DON'T HAVE SCHOOL >:D
Why? Because it's test week and I don't have a test today so I'mma Chill At Home And Be Cool B)

I did have some plans for today but I cancelled it... ugh... I was supposed to have a double date with my friend. I added my date yesterday in Facebook and at first we talked about random stuff but then he turned out to be a sick a-hole xD So I cancelled my date :D

I'm a bít dissappointed cuz I thought he was a nice person and that we were gonna have a good time but no :/
Here's my tip for today :

NEVER JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT'S COVER! He may be good-looking and stuff but in the inside he could be a sick perverted butthole xD

My niece Nicy shows how to react when a dumbass messes with you ;D She's an badass!
ps. she did that by herself xD
Have a nice day! and Riceball is out YO! >:D