Tuesday, January 31, 2012

26.01 - 29.01.12 ^^


It was so relaxing to have four days off from school and family ! :D:D:D I could sleep as long as I wanted and I got to meet my dear friends and boyfriend<3 Aaaahhhh miss u all so much !!!!! >.<

I didn't take that much pictures this weekend 'cuz most of the time was just chillin' at home with Thai, we were both tired and he was sick >.< But it was fun laying around in bed all day (if u know what I mean ;D hhahahah u pervert)

I'm still not used to watching myself in the mirror... plus a stinky train toilet! XD
Thaiiiiiii<3 Motherfucker, playing games when I arrive......
 Me so sad......

 Hihihihihi he bought me this cute Phillips Mp3!!!!!<3 I Love it so much!! It's Pink!!! PIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!!! (me gusta face)
 Hehee Having a movie night with Olli, Toni and Toni's gf, Veera! Hahaha here's a mission; search Veera :D:D
 Toni sitting on his girlfriend's lap, LIKE A BOSS! (Y) ;)
 Hahahah Veera and Toni are so cute ^________________^
 Here's all the movies we watched last weekend! :D
Every movie was so gooooooood! :D
 On saturdat we went to eat JÖRSKIIIIII!!!!<3
 Aaaaah heavenly gooooooood! (Y)
Naaaaaw my babe fell asleep during our movie time So I saw an opportunity......
 ...TO PICK HIS NOSE AND TAKE PICTURES! I'm like the best girlfriend ever muhahahaa>:D
 Preparing myself to go out to meet up with Funi and Tony ^__________^ hehehhe Curls for a change :P

 Oh Tony and his duckface ;D
Cutey Pedo Funiiiiiii <3 Haven't seen her for a long while, I missed her more than Thai muhahahaaa >:D naah just kidding <3 but I did miss our perverted converstations ^^ ps, That's my future brother-in-law next to Funi, He's so cute! I want my lil' sis Julia to go out with a boy like him >:D muhahahhaa!
Johannes, Ducci and Tony ^^ it's a bad pic 'cuz my hands were shaky, it's been a long time since I've had coffee...... Bad excuses FTW!!! :D
 How can you not visit her blog huh!?!?
 Naaawww I miss you gurl! See ya soon, I had fun as always!<3<3<3 ^^

 Muhahhaha! raping your eyes with our lovey-dovey pics >:D

Love you, Hun<3 Can't wait to see you again ^^ 

4 days passed way too fast!! I wanna go back! XDD
hahahha Miss Ya'll and See ya soon! I'm Out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


That awesome feeling, when you've worked your ass off for whole three weeks and you get to spend 4 days with your boyfriend!!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!

I'm so happy right now! I've been doing nothing but school stuufs and taking care of my niece for three weeks and finally I get to have a small holiday, FREEDOM !!!! :D

I've been missing my babe for so long and now I get to see him, YEEEEYYYYY!<3 So happy^^ Three nights together, ME GUSTA >:D¨

My weekend starts tomorrow 'cuz we have a textweek and I don't have one!
Have a fun weekend, folks! ;) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's been a long time since I've listened to Kpop :D This is sung by a girl group T-ara and the song's name is Lovey Dovey.
It's so catchyyyyy!! Makes me wanna SHUFFLE!!! >:D

Happy New Year To All Asians!!! <3 ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Katy's 18th Birthday PArty!!!! ;D [PICTURE HEAVY!]

Yesterday my friend KÄDÄH turned eighteen finally!!!!! Thank god! xD hahahahha We had the most awesome time ever!
It's been a long time since I've been at a bar so the mood was as high as we were! Hahhaha suck on it, I'm an adult, I'm allowed to be high! >:D
I'll explain through pictures ;)
Oh btw! I just cut my hair, I have bangs! ^^ This was supposed to be my party shirt but it was too revealing so I changed it afterwards xD

@Katriina's finally! Hahahah the best crew to go clubbing ;)
 My wifey Elise <3 and yeah that's my outfit :D It's Banana's shirt muhahhahahaaa! Miss her :')
 "wtf? Kädä's an adult"-face

 BIRTHDAY GURL!!!<3 That tiara is from me!! :D
Already eighteen and still doesn't know how to open a bottle....


 Closer look :P

 Others drink sophisticately and I DRINK SHOTS LIKE A BOSS!
 Better look of our outfits :D
 I love how retarded my friends are <3

 <3 ^^
 I'm Asian & I Know It~~~~
 Off to Riihimäki !
 SHOU SHEXHYYYY !!!! no, we're not drunk yet xD
 Hihihihi loved it when she wore that tiara ^^ @Parnells
 Off to Hyvinkäää !
 "Poppin' bottles in the ice!!!!"
 @Alepub warming up before going to Level 5! ;) My hands were shaky at this point xD
Best pics are always taken in toilets XD
I didn't have pictures of Level 5 but that place was great! They have a pole!! :D

This was how it looked at Level 5 ! After about 5 hours(?) we left with an awesome feeling B)
Still feeling hyper xD
Had a great night! Got to know some awesome people and everything was just awesome ^^ I'm happy that everyone in our group is now adults! UNICORNS 4EVERRR!! 
But we never really grow up, We just learn how to act in public ;D

Hahhah! Friday the 13th was awesome !
I'm out, Peace Babes!<3 XOXO