Thursday, May 24, 2012

On Hiatus

Heeeyyy. my lovely readers!<3
I'm going to go on a small hiatus because I'm MOVING!!!!! Aaaarhg !
Yeah, My whole family is moving to Vantaa into a small apartment. 
PLUS! I have a graduation party coming and that's not all! 

I also have an entrance exam to Lahti University of Applied Sciences... I'm stressed but I believe it's gonna be fun :::D 
Hopefully I'll get in so I can finally move out and live my own life XDDD 
another stressful thing is also that I still don't have a job 
hahahha fuck my life :D (Y)
I'm gonna be stripper...
So that's pretty much it. I hope you guys won't forget about my blog >.< 
I'll see u again when I have my life back in track ^_________^

Riceball's OUT! xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

High School Graduate !

JEJEJEJJEEAAAA!!! I'm a motherfucking High school graduate! 
Yeaah Buddyyyyyy!!!<3
I'm soooo happy right now ::::D I was so scared that one of my test would fail and that I'd have to go high school for four years but NO. >:D 
I made it, guys! Congratulations to ME!!!!!! xDDD
This is so amazing... I never thought that the day when I'd graduate from high school would come so fast.

HEy! It's been a long time since I've had a picture with Nicy<3 She's 1 year and almost 4½ months old ^^

I'd like to say everyone in high school; You'll make it, buddy!!

Finally I could proudly say to my mom that I'm as good as my big sister OR I'm even better than her, muhahahhaaa!!! >:D

Luvs, xoxo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Facial treatment + last weekend ;)

Today we had a cathup with my girls and Milena did a facial treatment for me and Katy! 
Loved it!<3 Check us out ;D

 (  .  )(  .  ) ;D
 Loooove these girls !!

Hhahah! Also a bit of my last weekend ^^ I had a blast !! It's been a long time since I've had so much fun and freedom :D
On friday I went to Flamingo to watch Finland vs Canada hockey match. We were chilling for awhile with my friends and then they asked if I wanted to go to Vantaan Tivoli. I thought "Well what the heck, LET'S GO! :D". Hahah Another spontaneous bar trip XD that picture with me and Hung is from Tivoli, looking high as always :::D

Saturday was exciting! ^^ I went to Pormestari aka Porkku, a small pub/bar. The music wasn't that good, the drinks were hella expensive and there were some fighting and shiet but with a great company, who cares!? >:D I had so much fun ^^
After that I went to Teemu's place for AFTER PAAAARTYYYYYYY!<3 One of the weirdest but the funniest after parties I've been to lately ;)
I love that small panic feeling in the morning when you can't remember where the hell you are! XD

You're young only once, 
So live to the fullest while you still can ! ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Boredom :::D

As you can see, the title says it all... 
It's pretty late and I can't sleep so I decided to camwhore a bit ^^ 
I don't have anything better to do O_O!?!?!?
I'm jamming to Overtones!! Been addicted to this song for awhile now and still loving it! I just love the melody and their voices<3 ^_____________^

Good night everyone!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dress up 4 my Job interview

So last thursday I had a job interview and this is what I looked like :D

 I applied for Finncatering. It's a company that makes all the food for airplanes and also take-away food :)
I bet this outfit would have looked better with a small brown belt but didn't have one atm :<


Mami bought me new earrings!!!!<3 I'm in Love with them XDD I like long earrings, the longer the better... If u know what I mean ;)))

Friday, May 4, 2012

A!P + VAPPEN! :)

I've had an awesome time last week ! I went to Vantaa on friday and that night I went spontaneously to Vantaan Tivoli for the first time :D It was so great ^^ got to meet new people and party all night ! XD I didn't take any photos 'cuz it was a spontaneous trip XDDD

And now I'm just gonna post a load of pictures, be ready to scroll down ;D


My make-up and shit :D
Trinhie and Nani
So lovely.... xD
Huong, Kidi, Titi, Trinhie, always lovely me, Alison and Nani on the top :D
this is Übercute!
Naaww I Love this pic<3 !
Nani's such a cutie ^^
(  .  )(  .  )
My outfit up close ^^


Keep Calm & Do The Duck Face
Preparing to go out to celebrate Vappu! I curled Alison's hair ^^ I was too lazy to do anything special for myself XDD 
Oh! You Sexy LAdy!! ;D
They're sisters! Look alike? :D
The Love of my life ;)
Getting ready :)

"Naaah fuck this, I'mma dance!"
Even our drink is happy when it's Vappu! :D
Roope och Alisön
Badass Janita ;)
Hahahah! See what we did there? XD
Hungi, Why are you grabbing your balls?
Meet Hung! My busisness partner !! ;D 
Ya like my new hairstyle? ;););)
We're doing it 70's style! :DD
Alison's new bf XD
Roope high as fuck.... literally  ::D
Y U So sexy Hung? :D:DD:D
Roope, Sonja, Hungi, Tuuli, Alisön and a couple, wait wtf?
Hahah! These girls were AWESOME! We randomly danced in the middle of the park and everyone went like "dafuq?" XD
After this picture my memory is kinda blurry @_@

After chilling in this park for awhile I found a shopping kart and pushed Alison in it around the blocks, running and trying to find the others XDD We're so craaaaaazyyyyyy! ahem, lol

Yesterday I went to sleepover at Alison's place, we watched Death Bell, a korean horror movie.
Hihihih I had so much fun with my girl ^^
"I miss you, Asshole. NOW I CAN'T SHIT!" :D:D:D

I also went to another job interview yesterday, It was pretty nice ^^
Hopefully I get it this time >.<

Sorry for the long post, folks! I just liked all these photos too much XD
I'm out, Have a fun weekend, everybody! :D