Friday, June 10, 2011

OH YEAH! Life is smiling, my love!

Hey Ya'll! I Love this feeling I'm having right now^^
I can go meet my boyfriend(oh funny I just called him "my boyfriend" hihihihi) tomorrow, well actually today, and I'm so excited!!! I can't even sleep xD

Oh god, I feel like such a teen even though I'm almost 18 :D
I've known this guy for about 3 years now and through all the hardships, we finally decided to date :'')

He's a really cute guy and he's so adorable to me^^ hihihihi I like him A LOT! :'']
Oh! and I call him Helen for no reason ._. so from now on, he'll also be known as Helen for those who follow my blog^^

People might think I'm gay when I call him by a girl's name though..... Njaaah, what the heck :P

This is like the only picture that we have together and it's old ass hell! :D Aaah good memories<3 ^^

Hunnie, I know you're reading my blog and I can't wait to see you tomorrow^^ I'll just pretend to hug my pillow to night until I get there:'') OH DAMN, how clishé can I be!? xD hahahah <3

Anyway that's all! I can't wait till tomorrow and saturday! :D Hope you all will also have a great great weekend! Riceball's OUT! Peace!<3<3 ;D

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  1. Niin outoo, meidän putkelo on ihan in LÖÖÖV! <3