Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese Cranberries + My cute Niece ^^

My sister & I had a lot of free time today So we decided to do my nails :D
I did the base and she drew on it. I call my nails Chinese Cranberries 'cause they look kinda chinese and.... cranberries, LOL! xDDD

And like I said, I have a really cute niece!<3 Her name is Nicy (it's pronounced like Nicky) and she was born 1. january, 2011! How awesome is that!?? :D
Just look at her, she's so adorable!!<3

Cutest baby in the whole world<3

I'm not really sleeping here, I just closed my eyes ^^ She's so small! :)

Okay, Tomorrow is friday and I'm heading to Helsinki, Finland's capital city to look for a summer job :D I'm really excited 'cause my friend and I might be able to spend the whole summer without our parents and live together! It's gonna be the best summer ever! .....If we get the job :-D

OH! You guys should check out my big sister's blog by clicking Here . It's kinda boring though xDD
Okay, I'mma go get some rest now, Buh BYEEEEE!!<3 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dumb, Mr.Sunshine

I made an error there, I forgot an "a". The sentence goes like : "... is A real Butthole!" :D

Thank you, webcam. You have totally raped my picture... I really like leopardprinted stuff<3 They're so SEXY ;D

That's it for today, Kinda random post ^^ I look like that skunk, don't I? It's my cute niece's, Nicy's toy. She's a REALLY CUTE baby, I'll post some pictures later this week!<3 Buh Byeee~! :3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Riceball enters >:D

Hey! I skipped one class today but I don't care xD It was Biology..
I don't know why but recently my motivation to study is low... It was never really high either, but anyway! :D
I feel good today since it's thursday and tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!<3

In this blog I'll add pictures and tell about my random things that happen to me or my personal thoughts, ideas etc. :D
And maybe something about my hair, style, I don't know, something crap like that ^^

So peace out!<3