Monday, June 13, 2011

A short random update about my weekend :P

Oh my god, where to begin?? xD I had an amazingly fun and awesome weekend! Now I have to pay for the consequences but I don't really regret that I spend my weekend like this :D I had fun and that's it, I don't give a damn anymore 'cu I'm a Badass B).
I got to spent time with my bf, I got to meet new people, I made new friends and laughed a lot, that's all I care ;)

Anyway, I got a really nice tan 'cuz I've been out so much :D
This is how I look nowadays, look right down below ;););)
Ain't I cute? ;)
Oh! Btw, another hair tutorial coming up :D It's a really cute bun and very easy to do(I don't hae a pic of it right now, damnxD) So I'mma show you how to do it in my next post! :D
I'mma go sleep now! Good night ya'll!!!<3

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