Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 5: A picture of your favorite movie + awesome weekend behind!

I have a lot of favourite movies! So here's a few (not in a particular order :P)

Hhahah! I love this movie so much! It's Hilarious! You gotta love Sandra Bullock's humour and Ryan Reynold's body, aaaahhh~~! HOTNESS!!! ;D

THIS MOVIE ROCKS! >:D It's so funny! I laughed so hard that I could feel my sixpack!!! xD 
I just LOVE all Steve Carell's movies! They're so hilarious!! and he's an
awesome actor! xD
I think this one is my Favourite Movie :D Seriously guys, GO WATCH THIS! xDDD
Here's a small cut of my a funny scene in this movie 
Hahaha I laughed my ass off while watching this at 3am xD

And sorry for the delay for the 15 day photo challenge thingy but it's because I JUST HAD ONE HELLA AWESOME WEEKEND BEHIND!!!!! xD Hehehe^^ Too bad I didn't have my camera with me :(

But yeah I was @Vantaa from thursday to sunday and I spent my time with my Homies and my boyfriend also came to HElsinki!!!<3 :D
We went to Annyeong!Masquerade party that weekend and it was so much fun :D I was so happy 'cuz I haven't partied for a VERY LONG TIME!
It sucks now 'cuz I have to get back to normal days again... I'm practically living at school now... -_____-''

I miss my boyfriend and friends ;________;

And Now I'm off to class again, fml... XOXO

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4: A picture of your animals

I don't have animals, I consider my plushie Thai jr. as my animal/pet<3 ^^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 3: Pictures of your favorite singer(s)


Like I've told ya, 4ever a Britney fan<3
GD & T.O.P<3
Bruno Mars

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 1: A picture/Pictures of you and your best friends

We're sexy and we know it! Omg how old is this pic.... xDDD

Something so precious<3 It's been about 5 years I guess and our friendship will go on and on!! >:D
Milena, Katriina, Saga & Elise<3

I Love These Girls So Much!<3
Hahaha! I've known Alison already when I was in diapers and she's still very dear to me^^ We're asian neeeeerrrdddss<3

Trinhie!<3 Luv this gurl so much :)) Hahaha! we both look so young here xD Go check out her blog by clicking HERE!

And then there's Bright, my bro :D I think he's my only guy friend who's the closest to me and too bad he's also the one who lives the most far away :'( 
I miss our goofy times xDD

Aaaahh!! I just wanted to cry after searching for these pics. High school days will end soon and What's after that? We're not gonna see each other that often again and it just makes me sad :'(
I don't wanna grow up, I don't wanna be an adult >.<

I hope that even though we're all grown up we still keep in touch 'cuz my friends are so important to me, I don't wanna lose them >.< 

Aaahh! I'm such a pussy xD But anyway, no matter what life brings, I'll always cherish my friends in my heart!<3 ......... and I'm gonna stick with them 'til the end of their lives like glue!!! >:D

Hahaha! okey peace out babes! xoxo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

15 Day Photo Challenge!

Heyy guys!!

It's Only one day left until my fall holiday So I thought about doing something fun here :D 

I want you guys to get to know me better through pictures xDDD Hahaha believe me it's gonna be fun and I recommend for every one of you out there to try this out! It's called.....


15 Day photo challenge is easy and fun! All you need to do is upload photos every next 15 days and every photo per day has a theme :D
The themes are the following here:

Day 1: A picture of you and your best friends

Day 2: A picture of something u wanna do when your older

Day 3: A picture of our favorite singer
Day 4: A picture of your animals

Day 5: A picture of your favorite movie

Day 6: A picture with you and your family

Day 7: A picture of you favorite food

Day 8: A picture of who you have known the longest

Day 8: A picture of somebody you miss

Day 9: A picture of a phone you want

Day 10: A picture that makes you laugh

Day 11: A picture of your favorite store to shop at

Day 12: A picture of your favorite picture

Day 13: A picture of your favorite book

Day 14: A picture of who you would want to be for a day

Day 15: A picture of you
Yo! I'm all PINK today! :D
 "Can I do this challenge??"
"HELL YEA~! >;)"
My big sis bought me this Super cool necklace 4 me and I'm lovong it!
It has handcuffs, a key and a lock ;)

Easy aight? ;)
It's gonna be fun! Try it out! :D 

Hahahah! Okey that's it folks! Peaceeeee IN!!! xDDD xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boss Bitch Tips RULE!

Boss Bitch Tips are awesome! Read and learn BITCHEEEEEEEEEEESSS!<3 ;)

I love this tip the most! 
"Don't play hard to get, Play hard to forget." :D

I bet if you're dancing like this, It will be REALLY hard to forget you! xDD
Hahaha! I Love Phoebe<3

This is actually how I usually seduce men :D 

Peace out everyone! xoxo

Monday, October 17, 2011

YO! >:D

This is what I'm feeling right now at 7am!!!! God DAMN! xD

Okey peace out! xoxo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

7.10. - 9.10.2011 [PHOTO HEAVY!!!] xD

Heyyyy Everyone!!<3

I just had the most epic weekend of all and I hate going back to normal life -__-'
I had so much fun in Jeppis!!!!!<3 I Met many lovely people there and I can't wait to go back there again :'D

So I'mma post A LOT OF PICTURES!! Lol Warned ya, be ready to roll the page down >:D

At school before going to the train station :D

Random camwhore moment in the train xDD Lol I sat like 4 hours in one place, couldn't feel my ass anymore :D

"be ready! I'm taking a picture!!" "wait wait wait!!"

"Aaaaaand POSE!" ;)

Awesome people everr :D Leila, Nina, Tony, Funi, Vikke and his girlfriend Emelie ^^

Hihihih Had so much fun with Funi<3 Go check out her blog! Click HERE!

Hihihih Tony and Thai<3 



Thai's Hairband when he's playing floorball ;)

I found a man who can cook for me<3 So happy ^^

"I'm a slaaaaaaave for youuuu" >:D I'm a Britney fan 4ever xD 

And Vóila! :D

Chi , Funi and Tony came over and then we were about to head out to a party :D

Hihihi Cuties<3
No, we're not drunk.... :D

Naaaaaw! Chi is such a cute girl^^ I feel like she's my little sister :D Go check out her blog YO! CLick HERE!
Too bad we didn't have much time to hang out more :( I miss ya and see ya soon!!!<3<3<3 btw, loving her dreamy eyes here ;)

I also met my childhood friend Ducciiiiiiii! :D I haven't seen him in like 7 years(?) HE's changed so much! xD

Funi's such a cutie! xD I love this pic so much<3 so EPIC! >:D

whattaphó is wrong with MAH FACE!? xDDD hahahah HEYYY! I kinda look like a monkey here xD how cool :D

This is Thai's sweater, I luv it so much :3

Off to see my Bf's floorball match YO! ;D

Vikkeee! :D MVP of Jeppis floorball team! B) He's so good! Hehehe Ilmaveivi-Vikke ^^ 

How cute is this? Übersöt<3

"That's my man playing out there!!!" xD

JEPPIS WON 3-10!!!!!!!! >:D

I Love it how I can be a complete retard with him<3 ^^

I Had to leave... I'M SAD :<
I Miss You So Much<3 :'(


Back at Riihimäki and feeling like shit..

I miss everyone so much and thank you for hanging out with me that weekend, I had so much fun! Hopefully We'll see each other soon ^^
Luv you all and see ya soon!<3

Riceball's OUT! peace B) xoxo