Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PENKKARIT! [photo heavy!]

FREEZE!!!! >:D hahahah yeap, my costume to Penkkarit is a  sexy police officer ;)  ya like it? ;D;D;D;D
Hehehehh I'm a bit lazy right now so I'm not gonna write too much, just gonna let the pics explain it all :D
Enjoy! Roll the page down till your fingertips are gonna bleed!! >:D

My Burlesque dancers<3


Yeap, That's a penis. Very unique costume :D

Yeap, That's a vagina.

Last school meal ;(

We're so normal <3

BANANA BOY BACK IN FINLAND!!!!! (but she left already ;(( )

A-serious-but-very-photogenic-driver - KÄDÄH :D:D:D 
Like the old times ^^ <3
Love this gurl<3<3<3<3
Our outfits to after party! :D

I Miss u saga <3 ^^