Sunday, June 26, 2011


So lately people have said this to me pretty often: "Are you insane? Are you crazy? Did you ran away from the mental hospital?"

I mean, Whyyyyyy~? So what if I'm a bit crazy and say crazy stuff, such as "I wanna eat a crocodiles ass"
or when a baby kicks me in the crotch I yell out "OW MY BALLS!", I mean what's wrong with that? O_o

I'm completely normal, dudes and dudettes! xD

Oh yeah, this is the shirt that I got from Estonia at a reduced price and I'm loving it<3 Look at my hair!!! OMG! Niceeee~ B)

So yeah, Never let people's words change you! So what if they call you crazy? So what if you really are a bit crazy? Just be yourself and say "F*uck you" to the world!! >:D

Don't take life too seriously, you won't make it alive anyway!
Oh Snap! This stuff is DEEP!!! >:D
Okey, this was such a random post but the point is always be yourself no matter how people try to change you, 'k? Luv Ya'll<3 I'm out, Peace!!! ;)

ps. Go check out this website for awesome sarcastic quotes!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Trip to Estonia with mah family !

(This is gonna be hella long update because Blogger failed yesterday and I couldn't add photos So this page is gonna be raped by my pictures! :D)

Hello Bubblebutts!<3 ;)

So 20.6 - 21.6.11 I went on a trip with my family to Estonia and I loved it! I had so much fun with my family and We bought so much stuff!(mostly booze!!! xD)

Estonia is one of the most awesome country ever! They sell a lot of cheap stuff!! and I figured one thing about me on that trip, I'M DAMN GOOD AT GETTING DISCOUNTS! >:D 

Now let's cut the blaahblaah and let the pictures siiiing~~! ;)

We just looooooove being on the cruise<3 :]

Nicy's best friend, 7up bottle ^^

Like mother Like child! Sometimes people wonder why am I always like keharimainen and stuff like that, well... Like mother like child ;)


My partying outfit and my lil' sis Julia. I really like this shirt, It's smoking HOT!<3 (and yeah, I had to censor the background because my mom was butt naked behind there xD)

The next day we arrived in Tallinna, Estonia's capital city and headed right into a coffee place^^

Best Effin' Hot Chocolate EVAAAHHH!!!! >:D

Luv mah family<3

Check this out guys! It's 100% real GUESS BAG! I love it so much and I couldn't get my hands off it on the rest of the trip :D

Estonia looks pretty much as same as Finland Lol xDD

See? I told you I couldn't get my hands off it xD I think this bag sends out a message like: "Look at mee~ I'm rich bitch!! >:D"  hahahhahaha! :D

And this is seriously on of the best Pizzas I've ever tasted! I should make a movie parody called Eat.Party.Love xD

And this one is my favourite pic ever! xDD My hobby is robbing cute babies >:D

Oh btw I'll update later on the stuffs that we bought. I got myself a really nice shirt and of course, discounted! ;) Also some update about my patrying outfits and make up @Tivoli :D

I'mma go now, Riceball's Out! B)

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Haircolor! New Me!! :D

Hello my lovely readers!<3

I just dyed my hair blond yesterday :D I didn't dye my whole head, don't worry! Just a couple blond strands but I feel like I've done something extreme on my head! LOL xD

I dyed my hair because I don't want it to be so boring anymore. And I also want to change myself somehow :P
Everytime something really sad happens to me, I tend to change my hairstyle. Why? Because I think it gives a new feeling, a new beginning to start things all over again :D

In the past I used to cut it short but right now Hell No, I ain't cutting my hair no more when it's so damn long now! >:D So I added a couple blonde strands and I feel so "reborn" ^^

I really like the results and I wanna know what you guys think about it so here we go! :)

I'm so loving this hair right now ^^

As you can see, I only dyed the bottom of my hair and btw check out how lame my nails are! I only painted my left hand and not the right because It's too hard xD LOL

This was taken this morning and OH MY GOD! I LOVE THE SUN!! B)

Bye bye, old me! And Hello, new me! ;) btw I plucked my eyebrows too, I'm not a cave woman anymore! >:D

......Well, there's always gonna be the old me, don't worry. I'll always be a vammanen! >:D

I've been addicted to this simple make-up lately! Just foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. ;) Simple is the best! ;)

That's it Honeybees!<3 I think I'm raping the camera too much lately :/ Maybe I should change my blog name into "Camwhore corner"? xD hahha!! Cya in the next post!<3

Riceball's off to get some ice cream now! >:D Bye!<3<3 Luv ya'll! :*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Cute Hairstyles 4 Summer!!!

Hey guys! :)
Here's another hairstyle tutorial as I said! This hairstyle is super easy to do and it's very cute!<3
I do this very often when it's summer because then my hair won't be all over the place :D So it's practical for summer, girls ;)

Let's cut the chit-chat and let the pictures speak for themselves! :D
Okey at first, You need hair! The longer the better! xD My niece is already 5 months & 15 days old<3 She's so freaking cute!!! >////<

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail. Don't let it be too loose or too tight!

2. Loosen it up from the above and make a small loop.

3. Take your ponytail and weave it through the loop.

4. This is how it's supposed to look after weaving. You can also leave it like this! :D One hairstyle done!

5. But if you don't want to leave anything hang the you can make a bun! :D Just grab the tail and put it through your pompom. (Look at my fingers! xDD ahhaha LOL)

Just do the same in the picture and put it through your pompom. "Pompom" hihihii, I like that word :D

Aaaaaaaaaaandd, It's Done! :D This is how it's supposed to look like :)

This is how it looks like on the sides. Kinda boring huh? Well roll the page down!!!! xD

So this is the result! and remember to decorate your hair with e.g flowers or other hair accessories and it will look amazing! ;D

If a bun doesn't fit with you then you can do this hairstyle like this! :D I actually prefer this than the bun because I look more mature with a bun and I think this one is cuter^^

I hope this wasn't too hard to follow ^^'' and I hope you guys liked this! :D Please, If you do try this then make sure to tell me and give me a picture!!! Heheheh^^
Leave a comment below telling me what you thought about this hairstyle, 'k? ;)
Maybe I should do a summer make-up next :P What do ya think? ;) hihihi

OH! I almost forgot!...... FUNNY-PICTURE-TIME!!!!! >:D
If you're alone on the street at night and you see us.... Please don't be afraid... We just wanna play~ >:D
Hahhaha! So random shieeett!!! xD Riceball's out! Peace yo!!! >:D

Monday, June 13, 2011


This post is for Helen and it's only for him. Sorry girls, but hair, make-up and fashion have to wait for awhile 'cuz this will be the final for him and me.

Hey Helena! :D
I'm really sorry that we have to end it this way when we just recently had so much fun together. I feel really sad but we can't go on with this anymore and you also know why. It's not our fault, It's THEIR fault.

I just want you to know that I like you very much and I care about you. I don't want you to be sad and be so messed up because of me
So I give up.

We have to let each other go So we can both find happiness in the future.
I wish you all good and I hope that you'll be happy :)) I'll always be there for you and I hope that we'll still be god friends as always ^^

Please smile and laugh a lot!<3 :D

Thank you for all the good memories! I'll always cherish them in my heart<3

This song's 4 U<3

you put the smile-smile, smile-smile on my face
just dial-dial my number in case
you know i'm always here for ya - woah
save every-time that we are together
stay here right now till forever
these memories will stay in my heart

I Won't Forget.

A short random update about my weekend :P

Oh my god, where to begin?? xD I had an amazingly fun and awesome weekend! Now I have to pay for the consequences but I don't really regret that I spend my weekend like this :D I had fun and that's it, I don't give a damn anymore 'cu I'm a Badass B).
I got to spent time with my bf, I got to meet new people, I made new friends and laughed a lot, that's all I care ;)

Anyway, I got a really nice tan 'cuz I've been out so much :D
This is how I look nowadays, look right down below ;););)
Ain't I cute? ;)
Oh! Btw, another hair tutorial coming up :D It's a really cute bun and very easy to do(I don't hae a pic of it right now, damnxD) So I'mma show you how to do it in my next post! :D
I'mma go sleep now! Good night ya'll!!!<3

Friday, June 10, 2011

OH YEAH! Life is smiling, my love!

Hey Ya'll! I Love this feeling I'm having right now^^
I can go meet my boyfriend(oh funny I just called him "my boyfriend" hihihihi) tomorrow, well actually today, and I'm so excited!!! I can't even sleep xD

Oh god, I feel like such a teen even though I'm almost 18 :D
I've known this guy for about 3 years now and through all the hardships, we finally decided to date :'')

He's a really cute guy and he's so adorable to me^^ hihihihi I like him A LOT! :'']
Oh! and I call him Helen for no reason ._. so from now on, he'll also be known as Helen for those who follow my blog^^

People might think I'm gay when I call him by a girl's name though..... Njaaah, what the heck :P

This is like the only picture that we have together and it's old ass hell! :D Aaah good memories<3 ^^

Hunnie, I know you're reading my blog and I can't wait to see you tomorrow^^ I'll just pretend to hug my pillow to night until I get there:'') OH DAMN, how clishé can I be!? xD hahahah <3

Anyway that's all! I can't wait till tomorrow and saturday! :D Hope you all will also have a great great weekend! Riceball's OUT! Peace!<3<3 ;D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7th of July is a bitch


Okey a small warning, This post is gonna be hella long! xD

Okey, I just wanted to let you guys know that this day is my UNLUCKIEST DAY EVER!!!!! This day sucked so bad that I want to kick every motherfucking Asian ass off!!!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being Asian but I HATE their traditions! I can never EVER get a boyfriend if I don't plan to get married to him. I mean seriously, I'm almost 18 for god's sake!!! I've always had to hide my relationship and now... I got exposed! FUCK.

I can't date this one guy because my mom doesn't like his family backgrounds and my big sis also disapproves our relationship because she just doesn't like him. At this moment I feel like my love life is some kind of fucking Romeo&Juliet story, and that story has the most fucking worst ending EVERRRR!!!!! >:(( Murr shit.

I Love my mom veeeeeeeery much<3 but sometimes she can be really *#¤%&"/)!#&)=?!!!!!! And I love my big sis too but at this moment I'm really angry at her because I know the reason I got exposed was because of her. damn bastard....

So in the end I'll either end up being single forever or just being with one guy in my whole life and end up marrying him. FUCK NO!

So here's a message for some guys out there:

Hey YOU! Yes YOU! I'm an Asian girl that has a lovely family with "lovely family traditions",
.......AND A BODY LIKE THIS(Uuuhhh this is HOOOTT!!!!!<3<3)
 Please contact me ;) 'Cuz my family doesn't approve anyone ugly, poor or with bad family backgrounds. :)

Sincerely yours,
Riceball, an almost adult girl who still gets treated like a freaking 13-year-old girl.