Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Cute Hairstyles 4 Summer!!!

Hey guys! :)
Here's another hairstyle tutorial as I said! This hairstyle is super easy to do and it's very cute!<3
I do this very often when it's summer because then my hair won't be all over the place :D So it's practical for summer, girls ;)

Let's cut the chit-chat and let the pictures speak for themselves! :D
Okey at first, You need hair! The longer the better! xD My niece is already 5 months & 15 days old<3 She's so freaking cute!!! >////<

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail. Don't let it be too loose or too tight!

2. Loosen it up from the above and make a small loop.

3. Take your ponytail and weave it through the loop.

4. This is how it's supposed to look after weaving. You can also leave it like this! :D One hairstyle done!

5. But if you don't want to leave anything hang the you can make a bun! :D Just grab the tail and put it through your pompom. (Look at my fingers! xDD ahhaha LOL)

Just do the same in the picture and put it through your pompom. "Pompom" hihihii, I like that word :D

Aaaaaaaaaaandd, It's Done! :D This is how it's supposed to look like :)

This is how it looks like on the sides. Kinda boring huh? Well roll the page down!!!! xD

So this is the result! and remember to decorate your hair with e.g flowers or other hair accessories and it will look amazing! ;D

If a bun doesn't fit with you then you can do this hairstyle like this! :D I actually prefer this than the bun because I look more mature with a bun and I think this one is cuter^^

I hope this wasn't too hard to follow ^^'' and I hope you guys liked this! :D Please, If you do try this then make sure to tell me and give me a picture!!! Heheheh^^
Leave a comment below telling me what you thought about this hairstyle, 'k? ;)
Maybe I should do a summer make-up next :P What do ya think? ;) hihihi

OH! I almost forgot!...... FUNNY-PICTURE-TIME!!!!! >:D
If you're alone on the street at night and you see us.... Please don't be afraid... We just wanna play~ >:D
Hahhaha! So random shieeett!!! xD Riceball's out! Peace yo!!! >:D

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