Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There are so many people who talk bad about other people in this world. Why do they do that? O.o
You know what's even worse? That people who listens to their bullshit actually believes it! 
I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!!! Don't be fooled by some crap XD

Have you ever thought that If one person talks bad about other person, next time they might be talking shit about YOU for some other people. People like this are assholes who have nothing better in their life than talk shit about people So they would feel better about themselves.
My point is; DO NOT believe everything that is being told. If you ain't there, you ain't know the story.
Why spend time on talking about others? You have a life, tell about that! It's waaaayyy more interesting to listen than some other people's lifes :D

This is just something that I had to say because there's so much bullshitting in this world and I'm on the verge to burst and punch every bitch on the face! XDDDD naah jk, I just want world peace... lol? 
I rest my case now. :P

And this is for everyone who talk shit about others ^^ 
Bite me, bitches.

I'm out, PEACE!! B) xoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Favourite Make-up atm ;)

Hellouuuuu my lovely readers!<3 
It's been a long time since I've made a post about make-up, So here's an eye make-up that I've been using a lot nowadays :D
I use a light pink color on the inner side of my eyelid and then add dark gray color on the corner and then blend it in with the pink. :D Then I just line my eyes and add mascara and lip gloss ^^
 Oh gosh, my hair looks so weird here XDDD I'm thinking of cutting it shorter soon if I dare :DD
 A Light color on the inner side of the eye makes your eyes appear brighter and less lazier. Some people use  white color but I use pink 'cuz I'm dark toned so I don't like using white on my face XD
 Feel like a sir ;)

I'm pretty satisfied with myself atm. I've lost 3,5kg and my skin is smoother than ever before!! I don't have any huge-ass pimples anymore :DDD Yeeeeeyyyyy I'm so happy ^^

All I desire right now is a job and some free time from my family :D Don't get me wrong, I don't have any family issues, I've been with them waaaaaaaayyyyy too much and I wanna go out and party sometimes XD
But soon I'll get to go all out and party all night long! >:D 

Monday, April 16, 2012

First Shisha Experience

Hey guys! :D
I have this urge to always try something new and I've been craving to try Shisha! :D My babe, Kädäh just got back from her Arabia trip and she bought herself a water pipe! Awesome, right!? ;D
So me and Milena went to try it out ;)

[Just so you know, What we're doing is LEGAL. We're not using drugs or any shit like that. We're not that hardcore nor we ever want to be.]

What a beauty<3 ^^
This is strawberry flavor and it tasted so gooooooood! Had to post this so you guys will see that we're not using drugs. Check out her nails! :D

Like a pussy XD I coughed a lot, lol
 Slowly getting used to it ^^ 
 Milena smoking lika a damn pro ! >:D
We're not really bad people just because we tried shisha. FYI Some artists use this method to get their throat moisturised :D (Y)
And for the ending some girl-on-girl action ;)

See you guys in the next post! Have a nice week! ^^ 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fuck this shiiiieeeettt!

I went to the job interview and didn't get the job. 
Now excuse me, I'm gonna go get wasted. 
Fuck my life.
Yesterday was fucked up and today was even worse. Aaaargh ! I wanna go hide in a hole >.<
I need a hug. And booze.

FUCKING FRIDAY 13TH!!!!!!! >:(

Hopefully I'll get another job somewhere which in this point seems very impossible ;(

ps. Sorry for all the cussing, I'm just really pissed off right now. I still Luv u guys though, no worries  ^^ Byeeeee :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspirational fashion styles ;)

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Just click HERE ! ;)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Old songs

Whenever I can't sleep I end up listening to old songs :D
Haaiiiz.. I wanna sleep but I can't >.<

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Sis' 21 Birthday Party on Silja Europa !


290312 - 300312 
It was the best cruise ever! So many things happened on that cruise and we all had a very good time together! It was so much fun :D
So yeah, here's just 1/4 of the pictures because I don't wanna rape your eyes ^^
Hung, me, Alison, Trinhie, Tero and Ville is hiding behind there :D
 Hieu, Joonas and Birthday girl joined us! :D
 Birthday Gurl Thao ^^ Congrats, you old hag!!! >:D

 This is so C-U-T-E!

 Hieu and Anitaaaaa<3
 Me photobombing >:D
 Derpin' around, flipping little girls dresses >;D

 Sexy ladies ;)
 Tero has asian eyes!!!!!! XDDDD

 Herp derp !
 She's happy ^^ ......or just high XD
 Hieu, You playerrrrrrrr ! ;D

 Alison's face when she digs my penis<3 Love is in the air ;) 
 Player strikes again!! :D

 Miss these lovely bitches<3 :))
 "Come on! Start Drinking!!! :D"
 Oh Gosh I look so mature xD My dress is Janita's btw :P
 ........the phó!? O_o 
I look like I wanna eat Hieu xDDDDDDD
 Visit HER BLOG, muthafakaaas<3
 Hahhaha This is so cute, Hung and Anita<3
 Über Cute!!!! Tero is the oldest of our group and Trinhie's youngest :D
 Lick lick ;P
 I Like this group pic the most ^^
 Tired as fuck XD
 Parteeeh !
 Damn, I'm hyper :P
 I Love Alison's expression here ! CUTE!<3
 Hehe I took this pic ^^
 Anita sweetie<3 ^^

 Damn you, dirty mirror !
 Janita loves life xD
 Tu Anh (pink one) :D Didn't have much pictures of her, such a shame ://
 The next day
Okay, so the next morning we decided to go sing some karaoke and they had a Karaoke competition going on at the moment so I thought, why not join in :D I entered the contest and I WON!!!!!!! xD
It's so hard to believe 'cuz in my opinion I don't even sing that well :D (Y)

Loving my prize with mah Dance boy, Hung ! <3

I had so much fun on that cruise and I can't wait to meet this group again ! I'll always remember this trip!<3
Congratulation to Thao and Anita again<3
Thanks to Thao again for arranging such an awesome trip! ^^

Peace out folks! xoxo