Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Love Bullshitting People ;D

I can't help but tease americans xD 
Hhaha okey Here's what those words REALLY mean :

Narttu = Bitch
Horo = Hoe xDDD
Narttu Dep = Beautiful Bitch :D

I'm out, PEACE! xoxo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miss Asia Scandinavia 2o11 contest! HELP!

Hey Guys!!

Okey, So earlier I mentioned about a contest that I attended and now I seriously need your guys help!

It's Miss Asia Scandinavia 2011 that I attended and OMG! there's so many beautiful girls with over 200 "likes"!!!

So basically Miss Asia Scandinavia 2011 is a pageant contest for Asian girls who live in Scandinavia :D and the winner will receive MONEY and various prizes from the sponsors!

And now, I really need you guys to help me! :D Please help me to at least get a lot of likes on Facebook so I'll get to the Finals xD
It won't even take too long! :D (you need a facebook account to vote^^)

1. Step
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Young-Asia/220880637922174 Go like this page! :D

http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?fbid=242952395714998&set=pu.220880637922174&type=1&theater Go like my picture! :D

And That's it people! :D

Hopefully you guys will help me and spread the word because I really need some money right now. My matriculation exams are coming up and I haven't got my driving license yet so I need money, badly! >.<

This is my picture for the contest! Go search for it! :D
FUNNY PHOTO TIME!!!!!!!!! Nostrils are so beautiful!<3

And so are armpits!!!!

Hahahha Lol! I'm out! VOTE FOR ME BY LIKING!!!<3<3<3 Luv Ya'll<3

Saturday, July 2, 2011

People in my Life

Heeeeyyyy all!!!<3

Just wanted to make a really random post about people in my life right now :D
I just loooooooooove my family, friends and meeting new people! I'm a bit obsessed with people, I can't be by myself, I get scared easily xDD

Yaaaaayyyy!! Good news! Banana is back from UAE! Bad news! Katy left to USA! :'( They both have a boobiecensor! hahahahahhahah...... why I don't have one? =_=?

Finally our family is complete again<3 Everyone's been so busy and stuff so we haven't had time to be together for a long time >.< My friends are so important to me and I luv them very much ^^
This little monkey here is Trinh :) She's an awesome girl who's like a little sister to me and now she's going to come and live with my family for two weeks! It's gonna be hella fun! :D I like this pic so much xD

I Miss my Bro A LOT!!! :''< He went back to Thailand already and I've been missing him for a couple days now. Whenever I go out to have fun I wanna invite him but then I realise that he's on the other side of the world, DAAAAAMN!!!! >.< Hahhahaha STORY TIME >:D
We are a happy family!

Then we get separated :'(

And then We'll get back together once again! I hope I'll see him again someday! I hope his girlfriend won't see this and misunderstand, We're just good friends! :D

Check out how fun this is! Go to gickr.com and make one! :D
Hey Guys! I'm going to participate for a contest(hihihihihihi I'm not revealing it yet :P) and I hope that you guys will support me in it! I'll tell about it more in the next post! See ya then!

Riceball's OUT!