Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My last weekend @ A!Party

I spent my last weekend at Helsinki with my friend Alison. She's my best asian friend and I've known her for over ten years! :D She's great<3

We decided to go to this Annyeong!Party which is a dance party that plays korean songs and stuff. I had a lot of fun there! We danced most of the time and I got to meet new people! (I also met some of my friends that I haven't seen for many many years! xD)

Here's some pictures about my weekend and some stuff I got, enjoy^^

Yay! Asian Nerds FTW!<3

This is currently my favourite shirt^^ I bought this at H&M for only 12.95euros! :D
It says : " TrueLoveForeverMore LIPS The No.1 Word of Passion " <3 

Alison went to USA and got me this cute Domo-kun -doll<3

We were excited about the party and that's our outfit. The theme was Valentines day, as you can see, I have a heart on my tummy ;)

Another picture of my outfit^^ I just love that dress, I got it from Vietnam so I don't know what store I got it from but I'm pretty sure it was CHEAP! :D

My hairstyle and make up for the party.
(but these didn't last long because I danced and whipped my hair back and forth too much xD)

Oh! My current nails are pink :D I also got earrings! From USA :)

I had such a great asianese(?) weekend and now I'm a bit stressed about my Prom. But only this week and then it's WINTERBREAK!!!! :D OMG I'm so ooking forward to that, I need a holiday...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sometimes I wonder whether I'm normal or not XD Btw Can you guys see my pupils? O_O
I'm the kind of person, when you poke or stretch my face even for a little bit my face will change completely, I don't even look like a human being anymore! :D

I haven't blogged anything for awhile so here's a little catch up :)

This is a shirt that I reeeeeeally wanted to buy at ONLY when I was at Helsinki with my friend Milena (we were supposed to look for summer jobs but we ended up going shopping^^)
Milena bough´t this shirt but I didn't because everyone has this shirt! >.< These old school hoodies are in currently ;D

These nails are so cute and cool! My friend Banana made these ;D

That's it for today, see ya guys soon! Riceball's Out!<3 :{D moustache man all the way!!!

PS. I'll make a Header soon ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was surfing on the net the other day. I was reading the news when I spotted a news that said :
So I was thrilled by these news! In the beginning of February would have a heat wave!! How awesome is that!?

So I went to school telling my friends about this xD
Some of my friends doubted that and today my friend, nailguru Banana send me this link ...

The lesson of this day is : The internet IS NOT always right.

I really want it to be summer already!! I can't deal with this snow anymore! I'm so sick of it -.-''
I gotta go read some religious stuff now.. I have a test tomorrow, Wish me luck 'cause I really need it to pass this damn test!! xDD

P.S. My sister plugged my eyebrows! Can you tell the difference? ;D