Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cool stuff I found on Internet! :D #1

I decided to share all the fun stuff I find on internet with you guys 'cuz I luuuuuv u guys! :D
Hahahah!! I love JustKiddingFilms<3 They're awesome, why? 'CUZ THEY'RE ASIAN. B)
I think I'm kinda lucky 'cuz my mami doesn't want me to have babies yet and nor do I xDDD (I hate kids :D)
My Mami's motto is; "You have sex, YOU DIE." <---with asian accent ;D hahaha!

Peace out Bros ;) 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gotta Love LOVE Songs!

Hey guys! It's almost christmas!!! YEEEYYYY!! I'm not usually a romantic person but I can't help but get all romantic and stuff when it's christmas xD I've been listening to Love songs a lot recently ^________^

I wanna share them with you guys 'cuz they're SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!
Love song = Eargasm<3!!!!!
Stevie Hoang is my drug<3
I'm in Love with Nikki Flores ^______________^

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mami's Birthday 6.12.11 ! :))

My mom's birthday was last tuesday! Yeeeyyy! She's 44 now but she still looks like she's at her thirties xDDD 
God blessed Asians with babyfaces ;)
We have a tradition of dressing up in dressses every year on our mami's birthday :P

 This is my 44 years old mommy<3 She looks young aight? xD

 My big sis and I in dresses :P

Love This Pic So Much<3

BTW! See that necklace? It's my christmas present from Thai<3 HIhihih I wear it all the time ^^ Damn I miss him ><
Photo bombed by a bitch ! xD
 What do u guys think? Does she look like 44? XDD

 HOT POT!!!!!!! OMNOMNOMMM!!!<3 >:D
 Trinhie came<3

 My big sis Thao made this awesome cake here! It's as delicious as it seems! Good job Thao ! (Y)
 Hahahha!!! It seems more like Trinhie is the birthday girl! xDDD
Atfer 7 minutes...
 Aaaahhh~~! Yummyy<3
A closer look of my dress :P Thao bought it for me from Seppälä :) 

I Love You Mami<3 ^^

Friday, December 9, 2011

Have a fun weekend everyone!

Oh Obama<3
Have a nice weekend ya'll!!<3 PARTY HARDD!!!!! like this dude right here xDD
Hahahah That's how I dance ^__________^

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2.11 - 5.12.2011

I knew my weekend was gonna be awesome! xD
Hihih I got to meet up with my friends and Thai<3 ^^ I'll just cut the crap and let the pictures say it all :D
 My outfit and make up ( I apologize for my panda eyes, I was too excited so I didn't get that much sleep xD)
Bennäs Järnvägstationen xD

We went to ABC with Nina, Leila and Thai ^^

Thai and his big bro Jängi had a floorball match that we went to cheer on! :D
Nina & Jängi :D
CHI!!!!!<3 Hihihi haven't seen her for such a long time, she's as cute as always ^^

Chi's LIKE-A-BOSS-face xD
FUNIIII<3 We went to have coffee with just the three of us
Omnomnom! I ordered apple pie with vanilla sauce and Chi ordered two cakes :D They were so yummy :9
Puss Puss ;)
Hihihih Ducci came out of nowhere xDD
Chi playing with the picture
We also wanted to play with it xDDD hahahah check out where Chi's another finger is >:D
Pedo Funi<3
Three crazy wannabe muslims xD
Thai doing the dishes<3 Hhahaha I'm the man in our relationship >:D muhahahhaha!!!

Thai went to Alajärvi because of his floorball game so I spent my day with my friends until he came back ^^ Had a lot of fun that day! but missed him so much ://
See this? This is Jakobstad gumnasium which is Pietarsaari's swedish high school. This is their backyard, it was sooooooooo beautiful! It looked like a castle!!!
Keep in mind those cool bike racks behind there ;)
Beautiful streets of Jeppis

Pretending to be tourists with Kimi xD

See this building? It's Pietarseeri's high school for Finnish students!!! This looks so much worse than the high school for swedish people, so unfair ><
Remember the bike racks before? Isn't this just sad xDDDDDDDDDD
Even though the school looks like a mental hospital from the outside, inside wasn't that shabby! You could see that the atmosphere here is really fun! :D Me playing like a rockstar B)
Kimi goes hardcore!! >:D
Girls, He can play piano..... and he's single ;)

Walking back to Swedish High school :D
The school looked so beautiful at night!<3
Retards 4evöööhhh! xD
Chi had a dance performance at that school! Hihihi such a cute pic<3
Kimi took me to London ! xD hihihih then he left :(

Cutie Chi<3
Funi facepalming herself part 1

I took photos of some dance performances and recorded Chi's performance :D I'm gonna send the video for her later :P
After Chi's performance we went to McDonald's to eat and this sign cought my eye xDD "No teenagers after 4pm" HAHAHAH!!! Thank god I'm an adult B)

Funi facepalming herself part 2 xDDD
Hahahah!! copying what Funi does the best XD
Hihihihi then later we went to eat JÖRSKIII!!! med Funi och Jängi :P

Thai came back around 9pm and we watched movies together ^^ hihihi I saw a lot of great movies that weekend! The return of the planet of the Apes, No strings attached, Kun fu Panda 2 and Big Momma 3!!! All great movies (Y) ;)
I had to leave on monday ><
Aaah Thai's sexy face ^____________^ why do I have to be such a potato head here? I'm ruining the picture xDDD
Luv this pic so much! <3 !!!!
His dimples<3 ^^

It snowed that day at JEPPIS!!!! :D
Kicking my boyfriend in the nuts before I leave xD

And I'm back at Riihimäki, where's the snow?
I had a great weekend and I can't wait to go back there again! I miss everyone!!<3

ps. It's my anniversary with Thai today! We've been together for 3 months now!!<3 Hihihih Luv u hönö<3 ^^

It's also my mami's 44th birthday! Gonna do a post about it in the next update :D

Peace out babes! XOXO