Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Trip to Estonia with mah family !

(This is gonna be hella long update because Blogger failed yesterday and I couldn't add photos So this page is gonna be raped by my pictures! :D)

Hello Bubblebutts!<3 ;)

So 20.6 - 21.6.11 I went on a trip with my family to Estonia and I loved it! I had so much fun with my family and We bought so much stuff!(mostly booze!!! xD)

Estonia is one of the most awesome country ever! They sell a lot of cheap stuff!! and I figured one thing about me on that trip, I'M DAMN GOOD AT GETTING DISCOUNTS! >:D 

Now let's cut the blaahblaah and let the pictures siiiing~~! ;)

We just looooooove being on the cruise<3 :]

Nicy's best friend, 7up bottle ^^

Like mother Like child! Sometimes people wonder why am I always like keharimainen and stuff like that, well... Like mother like child ;)


My partying outfit and my lil' sis Julia. I really like this shirt, It's smoking HOT!<3 (and yeah, I had to censor the background because my mom was butt naked behind there xD)

The next day we arrived in Tallinna, Estonia's capital city and headed right into a coffee place^^

Best Effin' Hot Chocolate EVAAAHHH!!!! >:D

Luv mah family<3

Check this out guys! It's 100% real GUESS BAG! I love it so much and I couldn't get my hands off it on the rest of the trip :D

Estonia looks pretty much as same as Finland Lol xDD

See? I told you I couldn't get my hands off it xD I think this bag sends out a message like: "Look at mee~ I'm rich bitch!! >:D"  hahahhahaha! :D

And this is seriously on of the best Pizzas I've ever tasted! I should make a movie parody called Eat.Party.Love xD

And this one is my favourite pic ever! xDD My hobby is robbing cute babies >:D

Oh btw I'll update later on the stuffs that we bought. I got myself a really nice shirt and of course, discounted! ;) Also some update about my patrying outfits and make up @Tivoli :D

I'mma go now, Riceball's Out! B)

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