Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guess Who's Back, Babe? ;)

Oh yes! Riceball is back at the Blogging World!
Ya missed me? ;)

I'm so sorry for not blogging for a veeeery long time. The reason for not being such an active blogger is that I'm a lazy motherfucker, I'm really sorry for that. xDDDD

It's been about 3-4 months that I haven't blogged!? OMFG! I suck !!! XDDD
Okey, But I'mma be more active now. At least I hope so :D:D:D

Let's see what I've been doing for these months, 'k?
It's gonna be long XD
( this isn't actually even half of what I've done these past months but a little taste of it would still be fine, aight? ;D ) 

So yea, I turned NINETEEN! :D My birthday party was awesome! I had my girls with me and we partied hard, as always ;D (miss my friends so much right now :< )
Over 20 000 people wanted to go to a same place so the traffic was obviously jammed. My friend Saga and I walked for 6 freaking kilometers that day !
Thank god we met these nice people who gave us a ride to the gig <3 ^^
SKRILLEX ladies and gentlemen!! Oh yeaaah! >:D
David Guetta was freaking AWESOME! XDDD
I love this trip so much! I had all my girls with me, so much happened and we all had a BLAST that day <3
Okey, by the end of thenight there were only three of us XDDD
My bestie Alison (that creep behind me) also turned 19! yeeeyyy <3
Been spending a lot of time with these monkies and at work ofc :P
Gosh, we're smoking HOT! ;)
Alison and Trinhie <3
OH! Just a week ago I went to SingleCruise with mah homies!
Thao, Janita & Alison ^^
Partying, Oh yea! Bottoms up, Oh yea!
Scandinavian Hunks, OH YEAAAAH! ;D
Can u guys remember this cute little fella!?!??!?!
My niece Nicy is now 1y10m old!!!! Ain't she cute?
I bought her that leather jacket XDDD
Don't mess with us, We're the Asian Mob Family!! >:D

I'll be more active from now on, guys! Hopefully you guys haven't forgotten about me yet XDD
Well, see ya in the next post!
Riceball's OUT! xoxo

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