Monday, November 26, 2012

Previous weekend and an awesome monday!

Heyy you sexy! ;D

Hopefully you had an awesome weekend because I had one too! And even though it's monday and everyone is a bit down I'm still feeling good! 
( I'll tell you why later in this post ;) ) :D

So I went to Tampere to meet up with my girls after a very long time and our trip was just booze, catching up, gossipping, booze, more talking, booze, make-up, dress up, booze and off to the club jammin' our asses off (and ofc poppin' bottles in duh ice!).

Long hair FTW! >:D
 I'm so addicted to Instagram...
And the color of that night was RED! 
dat quality...
My homie who is not-single-anymore, Kädääääh <3
Hey! That's my sex face! :D
I have no idea when and why I took this pic XD
Our night was fun but it also included a couple assholes so this one goes for them XDD
Cute Saga (check out her blog about NAILS and shit!) going to school while we were drowning in hangover XDDD
uhmm.. but... BOOBS !!!

Today was great! YEs, mondays can be great too, at least for me. I went to a job interview this morning and nailed it 

I had a fever, my nose was running like some Niagra falls and I could hardly speak but when my interviewer said 
" Night shifts are paid *BEEP* euros per hour "
Suddenly I felt all healthy and shit ! 
Like " When can I start? :) "

Aaaand tomorrow I'm gonna go there and try out. If it goes well then I'mma be RICH!!! Muhahahaha I'll make it rain, beibeh! ;)
Ouh, that place is called Kalatukku E. Eriksson. It's a fish factory and I'mma pack some sushi to get some cash Booooyaaah !

Holla at me! I'm OUT!

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