Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great weekend coming up!

Hey guuuyyys!

A couple months ago I made a trip to Tampere with my homies and it was the last time we saw each other... Milena went to USA, Saga is at Abu Dhabi, Katriina and Elise live way too far from each other and me So we haven't met each other since then.

This weekend I'm heading to Tampere again to meet up with Katriina (who lives there!) and Elise!!! <3 
I'm so excited and can't wait to see them again ^^ I miss Saga and Millu a lot though :// 
but that doesn't stop us from partying, JEJEJEJEJJEEAAA!!! >;D

Wanna see what our previous Tampere-trip looked like?
I'mma show it to ya anyways XD Whether u liked it or not, ENJOY!
Yes, that dress is my graduation dress. Yes, I'm a scumbag xDDD
My hair is freaking long nowadays ^__^
iPhone quality ftw... (Y)
 My banana boy Saga <3
 Always so biuuuutiful Kädäääh ^____^
 Okey, not always xD
 Ten points to Griffindor if you know who we're trying to imitate!! ;D
 Y so Serioussaaahhhh?
Miss you, you perverted Milena <3
Aaaaand Blogger is being a bitch for not letting me spam this post with photos XDDD

Anyways! This weekend is gonna be great! 
Hopefully you'll have an awesome weekend too!
See ya soon, you little sexy thing ;D
I'm out, xoxo

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