Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fake Fitness Fever EVERYWHERE!

Heyyy you lovely reader! ;)
I've noticed this 'thing' that's been going on for awhile now. 
I call it 'Fake Fitness Fever' aka FFF.

That's right. Everyone's gone crazy about this thing! This is seen everywhere. On Facebook, Instagram (<--mostly on instagram), Blogs, Youtube and even on 9Gag! Basically on everywhere I go on the Internet.

Now let me explain what it is. People who have a regular Fitness Fever are people who try to get in shape. They work out, eat healthy food and take photos of their results they've got so far.
Now I don't have anything against this Fitness Fever but the FAKE Fitness Fever is just ARRRGHHH!!! 
I just find it really stupid because these girls who have FFF are usually THIN AS FUCK! (that's why it makes it so fake and gaaayy *imitates RWJ*)

If you're overweighted and want to loose some weight or really skinny and you want to get some muscle then it's okay to go to the gym and work out but why the hell a girl with a fine figure need to do that? 
You're done, get out.
And I see loads of pictures of girls who go to the gym and just pose for the camera. Camwhore alert!
You don't need to take photos of yourself when you're working out right? It's not like everyone wanted to see a proof that you're working out.

I think this is just an excuse for some girls to show off their body/skin to seduce the men. Hahaha ;;;;DDD
And fish for the compliments. For real! 
Let me ask you, How many times have you seen a girl posting a pic of herself posing like a freaking super model with a duckface on Fb or Ig with a caption that says  
" I'm so ugly, I'm so fat "?

And the comment box is gonna be like "noooo gurl, you're so pretty, beautiful, cute" etc. 
And their response gon' be like  
"no, I'm not. You're just saying it to make me feel bettah<3<33<3<3333"
And this goes on for hours until they both agree that  
"Okey I'm a bit, just a little bit pretty and so are you<3<33<3<333333<69"
This is so retarded...
 Hopefully the girl in this picture doesn't go out on windy nights.

.....Okey, I got a bit lost there. But you get my point right? xD
It's just stupid to see girls with nice figures going to the gym with all make-up and hair done prettily and say that 
" Oh I'm just doing this to get healthier "
Fuck you and your health.
You just want to show off or look sexy naked! 

Just be real girls. If you already have a great figure then stay home, take pics of yourself eating chips or something.
If you're really trying to get in shape then work out, be my guest. I have nothing against that. But if you do it, then do it with style and attitude! Don't update your status or take pictures everytime you go to the gym. Just once or twice is fine, We get it! :D

Not only girls do this but guys also! I have one thing to say to the guys;

What? Like you don't like watching muscle men on the internet, stop lying. XDDDD
(Sexism ::DD) 
 Oh.. YEss....

I didn't want to offend anyone but If you're reading this and you feel like I'm talking about you then please stop doing it (or keep on doing it, I'm not ur mom XD). It's your life, I don't care about it. 
I'm just saying that you're embarrassing and stupid and you should stop this ridiculousness :D

Anyways I just wanted to tell my point of view of this issue.

I rest my case, Peace out! B)

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