Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend Festivals in 2 weeks!!

Sorry if I haven't been active lately but that's because I'm getting rich.Can't help it. XDDDDDD

I'm so excited! I'm gonna be partying my ass off with Skrillex and David Guetta! WHOOPWHOOP!

I have lost the curiosity of my camera's location because I don't need it anymore. I have an iPhone. #LOL
 Hooked on Instagram

 Ain't she CUTE!!!!???<3 ^_________^
 This pic is so adorable<3 My niece was trying to be a penguin XDDDD

 Me and my pedophile smile...
 Playing with all the Apps that I've downloaded XD I gotta admit, Having an iPhone is so much fun! :D (Y)
 My big sister is dreaming of bigger boobs. I promised to pay for her boobjob when I have enough money. Silly her, I only promised to pay for one boobjob XD
She's gonna look like this --->  (   .   )(.)
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