Thursday, June 28, 2012

2406-260612 ^^

I had some Awesome time with my girls these couple of days! ^^
I'm so happy that my homie came back! Can't wait to see you again :<
 Pn sunday We stayed awake till 5 am XDD Looking fabulous as always ^^
 On monday morning we went to Coffee House<3

 Sexy stocking GRRRAUH! ;)
 Tuesday :P Nicy gets tanned really easily! She's a nigguh XDDDD
 Ready to go out and meet up with Kädäh ::D

 It's been like forever since I've seen Katy!!! We're both busy with work so we don't have that much time to meet up anymore ://

 Haha! It was awesome to gossip and talk shit together :D Cathing up with our lives ^^

 Luv them ^^
 "Whatcha lookin' at!?" - Kädäh goes Gangsta >B)


 Love this!!!! ^^
 Jizz in my pants -face

 We apologize for our sexiness XDDD

 Creep ass Katy :D::D:D:DD

 Raping Saga for fun ^^

We Love You Saga<3 ^^

It's about time for me to go to sleep so I don't write much here XD
I'm gonna wake up at 4 am... But it's worth it! :D
I'm having so much fun at work and I get paid A LOT! >:D Hahaha life is good ^^

BTW I'm having an awesome party coming on this saturday and IT'S GONNA BE SOME HARDCORE PARTYING! :::D:D
I'm so looking forward to it ;)

See ya guys soon!
Good night! xoxo

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