Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuuli & Janita's birthday + Hungi's farewell Parteeeeh! [PHOTO HEAVY AS F*CK]

My last weekend was C-R-A-Z-Y!! Crazy I tell ya!
On Friday I had a night shift which strated from 2 pm till 10 pm AND THEN I had a morning shift on Saturday. I had to wake up at 4 am and got out of work at 2 pm... -_-'' 

We head off to the Birthday party at 5 pm and I was exhausted!!! >.<
You know what keeps me up and cheerful when I feel exhausted? ALCOHOL<3 

So.. I drank a lot. Just so I wouldn't be boring and tired at the party :)
I'm not an alcoholic. I just drink a lot ::::D

anywaayyyyy~ Don't be scared of these photos of mine. This is how I look when I'm a bit tipsy. I'm like a walking chinese tomato with a pepsodent smile ! ;D
Hahaha Enjoy!
Birthday girls! Tuuli and Janita<3
Thitu came all the way from Tornio to party with us! :D
HeartBreakers Oy
We're the master's of photobombing XDDD
Thao, Janita, Linda and Hungi :)
My babies! Alison and Trinhie<3 It's been a long time since we've seen each other!!! Had a blast with these bubble butts :DDDD
Three T's!
Hieu derping around XD
Like a sir. Because a real moustache is too mainstream.
WE LOVE CAKE! (had to tone down the color a bit 'cuz I was too effin' red! ><
Haha! Aliisa and Roope, wtf? :D
The player gets chicks ;D
Tuuli, the birthday girl<3 Love this lighting btw :D
Thitu, Trinhie, Thao and Tuuli! Uh OH! Four T's! :D
I'm a freakin' MURSU! >;D
Thitu also knows how to photobomb people :::D
Trinh and Hieu, the first victims of our Heartbreakers Oy :::D
Birthday girl with her Isä Matteus :D 
This is so adorable!<3
Alison and her ass fetish. XDDD
Sexy ladies ;D
Janita 21-year-old! I love that dress!!!! So pretty<3
Matias and Lotta^^ .....I think there's something wrong with me. I need to go to the doctor...
Janita and Eetu :D
I have no idea what's going on but I bet it was hilarious! XD
What did you find down there?? ::D:D:D 
Never mess with Asians! >:D
Hieukkiiii :D
HAHAH! I'm so sorry Thitu XD This pic is just too hilarious ;D
"I don't wanna live on this planet anymore" -face
Too short, Janita? ::D
My so-called "poker face"
I look more like posessed XDD
Sonja and Tuuli ^^
Love this pic<3 XDDD
Something so cute<3 ^____^
"Less talking and more drinking, Matias"
Janita and Konstaaaaaahh :D
This party was also a farewell party for Hungi 'cause he's leaving for army soon :'<
 I'm gonna miss him a lot :''(
Showing off my armpits XD
Other people can pose so normally... :D
A Chinese tomato with a pepsodent smile and Alison and Thitu's creepy eye XD

After partying at Janita's place we headed toward Club Venue which was great! With a great group, you don't need a fancy bar! :D

Aaaaand that's it guys! Sorry for raping your beautiful eyes XD
All these pics were taken from Janita. ^^
Sorry for the long post XD

The party was truly awesome and I can't wait to meet up with you guys soon again! ^^
Later, babes! I'm off to bed 'cuz I have to wake up at 4 am 

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