Thursday, June 14, 2012

Behold "The Doughnut Bun"

My favourite hairstyle at the moment is The Doughnut Bun !
It's a bun that looks like a doughnut lol XD

I suggest this to everyone with a long hair and doesn't have much time to do their. In short it's perfect lazy people (aka ME). :::D

Less words, more pics !

 This is "the doughnut". I bought it from Glitter and it was only for 6.00 euros !
 1. Tie your hair up as high as possible.

 2. Roll it in.
 3. Clip it in.
 and TADAAA!!! :D
I love this hairstyle so much! It's easy to do, it stays like this for a very long time and doesn't take much time to do!

Hope ya liked it!
Later bubble butts<3


  1. c oi, mistä sä ostit ton donitsi jutun? ;)