Monday, June 18, 2012

Be Smart. Be above.

I'm so sick of dumb people. I'm not saying that I'm the smartest kid on earth but still I know where the line is.

You have to be smart in a converstation/an argument. There are things that you can and CANNOT say.
Know where the line is and don't cross it.

I'm just really pissed right now. I don't mind if someone disagrees or wants an argument with me, It's refreshing to have on once in awhile. 
BUT DON'T YOU EVER, EVER Cross the line when talking to me.
Have your facts right first and then go out and argue with people. 
Leave the innocent ones out and focus on the main point of the argument.

Don't be a dumbass when you're arguing. Argue with logic and facts. 
If you're wrong, Admit it.
Don't bullshit. AND! Never meddle in other people's busisness! EVER! That's retarded thing to do, especially if there's me in it.
Mind your own busisness' and don't believe every crap people say.

"Oh, look what I found!"

So my advice to people who are reading this is;

If you're gonna argue then do it with style and be reasonable.
Respect your elders and don't pull in the innocent ones.
Know where the line is. If you cross it, then you'll suffer the consequences.

You made a huge mistake for messing with me and my sister.
Now It's personal.

Peace oout to my lovely readers,
Remember! Be smart and always be above.


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