Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm back, honey bees! ;) [PHOTO HEAVY]

Heeeeyyyy Everyone! I'm back, missed me? ;DHahah! So much has happened on my small hiatus and I don't know where to start :D

Okey, before I spam this post with loads of photos I wanna tell u guys the highlight of my day! Remember that job interview for Finncatering that I applied a couple weeks ago?
I'm so thrilled and happy! It's like everything that I wanted to happen came true! I'm a high school graduate and I got a job for this summer! :D

I'm really lucky and I can't ask for anything better right now :)
I'm really satisfied with my current situation ^^

But enough of this! LEt's see what I've been going through previously :::D Enjoy!

 I'm gonna miss my hometown and this house where I spent my childhood :''(

Welcome to our new home in Vantaa! We live in second floor and you guys can only imagine what kind of pain I was going through lifting and carrying all those stuffs! >.<
 My graduation dress! I love it! I bought it from Spiritstore and got that bracelet for free :::D

 "You wanna piece of me huh!?" XDDD
 "Olé!" My niece is so damn cute XD
 Little granddaughter and her grand parents ^^
 Our choir, they were so gooooood! (Y)
 Katy receiving her results ^^
Elise receiving hers ^^ My big sister is a dick and didn't get a picture of me on stage :::D OH!! And I got a stipend, 50euros!!!! Hell yeaaaah, me likey B)
 Daddy came all the way from Norway to join my graduation party :) Do we look alike? :D:D
 Gosh.. I look so old XD
 Laura and Elise<3 Honestly, I appreciate Laura so much! She's the one who taught me all the math in high school. Without her I wouldn't have graduated, Thank you Laura<3 ^^
 I Love Our outfits ;D
 Mami :D
 Katy and Elise's class 09B
 My always lovely big sis ::::D

Gotta be fly ;)
 I'm gonna miss my class. I hope you all have a bright future ahead, 09E! :)

 aaaand pose XD
Only one good pic of me and Nicy ::)
My grandma Lea<3 ^^

I crashed over Katy's graduation party and I honestly had a blast! Meeting her family and friends was really nice ^^
I think we look like flight attendants!!!! :D::D:D:DD
@Milena's party! Time to get down and sexy ;)

Damn u tall people -.-''
I like how sophisticated we look. Normally we look so horrible XDDDDD jk jk, We're always fabulous B)
Dalton's brothers, I mean sisters XDD
We're sexy and we know it ;)
I'm so in love with Katy's dress! <3 I think it was the prettiest one out of all ^____^

Mami's so proud of me ^^ I finally showed her that I'm not worse than my sis. I'm better >:D
 Fixing our make-up and shiet :D
 See the difference?
 Not anymore!!! :D
Master of photobombing >:D
 Miio looking damn fine B)
 Liljastiina and Johanna and some creep XD
 Milena, Elisa, Katy, Derp & Elli
Cinderella and her prince charming aka Paavo :D::D
 Party ON! >:D ft. Katy och Riikka

 Love this pic the most! :D

 Sonja, my childhood friend who gave me poison that night... Ugh... XDD
 Hahah! We share ;D
 Yeah... These are those photos when I'm not quite sure what's going on XD Drunkards ft. Eki & Oskari
Oh gosh, Oskari! Y U so imelä ? ::::D I don't know if Laura is falling or flexing? XD

I had a great time in high school and I'm gonna miss everyone... NAAH! just kidding! I hate everyone and I'm glad that it's over! >:D heheh no, I'm really gonna cherish all the memories and everything that I've learned. :'')

ps. Had the best party ever! ^^

Luvs and see ya again in the next update! 
Sorry for the long post >.<
Here's a penis c=====3


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