Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There are so many people who talk bad about other people in this world. Why do they do that? O.o
You know what's even worse? That people who listens to their bullshit actually believes it! 
I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!!! Don't be fooled by some crap XD

Have you ever thought that If one person talks bad about other person, next time they might be talking shit about YOU for some other people. People like this are assholes who have nothing better in their life than talk shit about people So they would feel better about themselves.
My point is; DO NOT believe everything that is being told. If you ain't there, you ain't know the story.
Why spend time on talking about others? You have a life, tell about that! It's waaaayyy more interesting to listen than some other people's lifes :D

This is just something that I had to say because there's so much bullshitting in this world and I'm on the verge to burst and punch every bitch on the face! XDDDD naah jk, I just want world peace... lol? 
I rest my case now. :P

And this is for everyone who talk shit about others ^^ 
Bite me, bitches.

I'm out, PEACE!! B) xoxo

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