Monday, April 16, 2012

First Shisha Experience

Hey guys! :D
I have this urge to always try something new and I've been craving to try Shisha! :D My babe, Kädäh just got back from her Arabia trip and she bought herself a water pipe! Awesome, right!? ;D
So me and Milena went to try it out ;)

[Just so you know, What we're doing is LEGAL. We're not using drugs or any shit like that. We're not that hardcore nor we ever want to be.]

What a beauty<3 ^^
This is strawberry flavor and it tasted so gooooooood! Had to post this so you guys will see that we're not using drugs. Check out her nails! :D

Like a pussy XD I coughed a lot, lol
 Slowly getting used to it ^^ 
 Milena smoking lika a damn pro ! >:D
We're not really bad people just because we tried shisha. FYI Some artists use this method to get their throat moisturised :D (Y)
And for the ending some girl-on-girl action ;)

See you guys in the next post! Have a nice week! ^^ 


  1. oon niin ylpee teistä! xDD hahaa vähä mahtavaa et tekin pääsitte kokeilee shishaa ja et kädä osas käyttää sitä ;D

  2. Hihih Jeeeij<3 Se oli kivaa ! :D Me vähä feilattiin alussa mut saatiin se kummiskin toimimaan joten jess ! >:DDD