Friday, May 4, 2012

A!P + VAPPEN! :)

I've had an awesome time last week ! I went to Vantaa on friday and that night I went spontaneously to Vantaan Tivoli for the first time :D It was so great ^^ got to meet new people and party all night ! XD I didn't take any photos 'cuz it was a spontaneous trip XDDD

And now I'm just gonna post a load of pictures, be ready to scroll down ;D


My make-up and shit :D
Trinhie and Nani
So lovely.... xD
Huong, Kidi, Titi, Trinhie, always lovely me, Alison and Nani on the top :D
this is Übercute!
Naaww I Love this pic<3 !
Nani's such a cutie ^^
(  .  )(  .  )
My outfit up close ^^


Keep Calm & Do The Duck Face
Preparing to go out to celebrate Vappu! I curled Alison's hair ^^ I was too lazy to do anything special for myself XDD 
Oh! You Sexy LAdy!! ;D
They're sisters! Look alike? :D
The Love of my life ;)
Getting ready :)

"Naaah fuck this, I'mma dance!"
Even our drink is happy when it's Vappu! :D
Roope och Alisön
Badass Janita ;)
Hahahah! See what we did there? XD
Hungi, Why are you grabbing your balls?
Meet Hung! My busisness partner !! ;D 
Ya like my new hairstyle? ;););)
We're doing it 70's style! :DD
Alison's new bf XD
Roope high as fuck.... literally  ::D
Y U So sexy Hung? :D:DD:D
Roope, Sonja, Hungi, Tuuli, Alisön and a couple, wait wtf?
Hahah! These girls were AWESOME! We randomly danced in the middle of the park and everyone went like "dafuq?" XD
After this picture my memory is kinda blurry @_@

After chilling in this park for awhile I found a shopping kart and pushed Alison in it around the blocks, running and trying to find the others XDD We're so craaaaaazyyyyyy! ahem, lol

Yesterday I went to sleepover at Alison's place, we watched Death Bell, a korean horror movie.
Hihihih I had so much fun with my girl ^^
"I miss you, Asshole. NOW I CAN'T SHIT!" :D:D:D

I also went to another job interview yesterday, It was pretty nice ^^
Hopefully I get it this time >.<

Sorry for the long post, folks! I just liked all these photos too much XD
I'm out, Have a fun weekend, everybody! :D

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