Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Sis' 21 Birthday Party on Silja Europa !


290312 - 300312 
It was the best cruise ever! So many things happened on that cruise and we all had a very good time together! It was so much fun :D
So yeah, here's just 1/4 of the pictures because I don't wanna rape your eyes ^^
Hung, me, Alison, Trinhie, Tero and Ville is hiding behind there :D
 Hieu, Joonas and Birthday girl joined us! :D
 Birthday Gurl Thao ^^ Congrats, you old hag!!! >:D

 This is so C-U-T-E!

 Hieu and Anitaaaaa<3
 Me photobombing >:D
 Derpin' around, flipping little girls dresses >;D

 Sexy ladies ;)
 Tero has asian eyes!!!!!! XDDDD

 Herp derp !
 She's happy ^^ ......or just high XD
 Hieu, You playerrrrrrrr ! ;D

 Alison's face when she digs my penis<3 Love is in the air ;) 
 Player strikes again!! :D

 Miss these lovely bitches<3 :))
 "Come on! Start Drinking!!! :D"
 Oh Gosh I look so mature xD My dress is Janita's btw :P
 ........the phó!? O_o 
I look like I wanna eat Hieu xDDDDDDD
 Visit HER BLOG, muthafakaaas<3
 Hahhaha This is so cute, Hung and Anita<3
 Über Cute!!!! Tero is the oldest of our group and Trinhie's youngest :D
 Lick lick ;P
 I Like this group pic the most ^^
 Tired as fuck XD
 Parteeeh !
 Damn, I'm hyper :P
 I Love Alison's expression here ! CUTE!<3
 Hehe I took this pic ^^
 Anita sweetie<3 ^^

 Damn you, dirty mirror !
 Janita loves life xD
 Tu Anh (pink one) :D Didn't have much pictures of her, such a shame ://
 The next day
Okay, so the next morning we decided to go sing some karaoke and they had a Karaoke competition going on at the moment so I thought, why not join in :D I entered the contest and I WON!!!!!!! xD
It's so hard to believe 'cuz in my opinion I don't even sing that well :D (Y)

Loving my prize with mah Dance boy, Hung ! <3

I had so much fun on that cruise and I can't wait to meet this group again ! I'll always remember this trip!<3
Congratulation to Thao and Anita again<3
Thanks to Thao again for arranging such an awesome trip! ^^

Peace out folks! xoxo

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