Saturday, September 17, 2011

"WTF modern day girls??"

Lately I've been really irritated with some girls on facebook. I reeeeeeeaaaaally dislike it when they post a picture of themselves 
and then the caption says that: " Omg! So ugly >.< "
Then the comments will be like the following:
"No, you don't look ugly at all!<3<3<3<3"
"Oh I don't know WHY I posted it here :P"
And that kind of converstation continues on and on until they both admit that they're both equally pretty, LOL

This is seriously pissing me off! Why would anyone post a picture of themselves on Facebook and then call it ugly? If you think it's ugly then don't post it on there on the first place!

Those who do this kind of thing are just hypocrite people who're seeking for attention!

Like why can't you just say "Thank you, You're pretty too^^" and that's it? When someone compliments you, you're supposed to accept that, stupid bitches! xD

But yea, just wanted to release the irritation xDD hahahha lol
Kids, Do Not Follow These Stupid Airheads, Okay? ;)
If ya have a good picture of yourself, post it on Facebook and put a caption that says: "I'M AWESOME AND FREAKING HOT!" hahaha lol just kidding but this would be much better than "I'm ugly as shit" Aight!? :D

As you can see I'm too tired :D I'mma go sleep now, Peace! And have a good weekend Ya'll!<3 xoxo

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