Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Headerrrrrrr!! :D

Heeeeeyyy guys! :D

I just finished making my header! Wheew~! 
Hihihih What do you guys think? ;) 
BTW! I'm not lying when I'm saying this, I used only Paint and Picasa 3 to make this so I'm really satisfied with the result xD 
(my Paintool SAI photoshop program got expired and I didn't wanna buy a new one. I'm not gonna pay for some stupid photoshop program, It's a robbery -______-'' )

Yeaaaaaa and I had a little photoshoot of my own, lol it's so amateurish :D:D:D My lil sis was the photographer xD Hhahah Enjoy!! (there was a lot more pics but I don't wanna rape your eyes with my beauty too much *cough*cockybitch*cough*)(<-----sarcasm, see?) >:D
Here's the original photo ^^ btw, I had to resize this photo a LOT so that's why it's kinda sharp in the header :P

Buuu! Gimme candy!!!! >.<
I heart everyone that is following my blog<3 Luv ya'll :))

Damn, My nostrils are sexy xDDD ahhaha LOL that's my sister's finger then :P btw Check out MY EYELASHES!!!! No fake, folks ;) If anyone's intrested, I use Loreal's Telescope mascara ^^

Aaaah~! Matriculation Examinations are over for now!!! Happy happy^^ Now I can just chill for awhile, ouh yeaaaaaa B) 
Hihihih I can't wait for this weekend<3 ^^ See ya all in the next update!
Luv you all! Riceball's OUT! xoxo

ps. Rate whether you like or dislike my header^^


  1. I love ur new header <3<3 U r soooo pretty..._DD

  2. aaahh so awsine header !! ^^ <3

  3. njääh mul on ikävä sua! ;___;

  4. @KarzU: Hihihi Thanks<3 I'm glad you like it ! ^^
    @Chi: Thaaanks babe<3 :))
    @Banana: Mullaki sua<3 ;____________;

  5. Do more sexy pig noeses :)