Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I've been doing...

HEYY GUYS!!!!!!<3 

It's been a veeeeery long time since I've updated. The reason Why I haven't is because I've been busy..... WITH PARTYIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!! >:D

Hhahahahha So I turned 18 finally and it's been so hectic that I haven't had time to write my blog :P hope you guys understand ^^
So yeah, It's been great being an adult. It feels like as if my life has closed a chapter and another is beginning, u know what I mean? hahahha lol deep shit XDD
So yeah now I'm gonna rape your eyes with A LOT OF PICTURES!!!! 
Camwhore overload LOL, I warned ya ;D;D 

Enjoy!(if you care) (these pics are in random order and they're not even half of where I've been, they are the ones that I was able to find :D)

This was Milena's farewell party before she went to US! hahhah loving the pyramid :D
This pic is pretty current, I'm so in love with that beige dress right now<3 ^^ We celebrated Alison's birthday that weekend! She turned eighteen<3^^ that weekend was great and memorable<3 ;)

This was when I was still 17 and we went to Tivoli with this look ;)

 Hihihihi Milena and I were still underage and we got in ! >:D

Aaaahh~! Sweet, SWEET EIGHTEEN!! I got booze, condoms and money for presents ^^

Jenni, Oosa, Saga & Elise<3

Yes... I am eighteen..
This was my outfit when I went to Baarikärpänen. I was still seventeen in this pic (and I got in that bar without paying for the entrance and my big sis was asked to show her ID and pay the entrance, she was soooooo bitter! >:P)

I had a hella Fun after party at Chi Suong's place! and I woke up with this on my arm xDD Note to myself; DO NOT PASS OUT!!! xD

My first time ever in Vonnela- outfit :P

Janita, Thao, Me and Mi<3
I also went to FOAM PARTY!!! it was so much funnnn^^ That's my outfit ^____^

Yea... That's a penis...


And by the end of the night you'll find me on the ground ;)
Missing my homie Saga so much right now! >.<
OUUUUUHH! This was taken just a couple days ago! :D Hahhaha Eki(left) & Oskari(right)<3 ^^ It was Milena's Welcome Back party and as You can see the party went smoooothly~ ;D

Camwhoreeeee tiiiimeeeeeee<3
I'm so loving this age of mine right now! I feel like everything is fun and interesting and my life is going pretty well^^ 

I'm very happy right at the moment, thanks to certain person<3 ^^
I'mma go sleep now, see ya bitcheeeeees! I'm OUT xoxo

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  1. Oumaigaad mitä kuvia xDD mulla on sua hirvee ikävä senkin putkutin! ;__; <3<3<3