Saturday, September 10, 2011

Curls make me happy! :)

Heyyy everyone!<3

It's been like forever since I've had curls! I did these yesterday and I think they came out pretty well so here's some of my camwhoring my pictures that I've taken! >:D

and yes, playing with photoshop programs is my hobby xD

I love it how I feel so feminine everytime I have curls^^

Hehhe!! I do this quite often, I mix up my style! :D I have a girly hairstyle+make up and then I dress up a bit like a tomboy xDD 

I went out like this to eat some ice cream with my lil sis^^
ps. I'm in love with those shoes right now<3 So comfortable and cute! :'] 

This weekend + from monday to wednesday I'm gonna be home alone with my lil sister so it's gonna be hella fun!!! I love it when I can have some time of my own sometimes even though I'm addicted to mami's food and herself^^ 

But yeah, I love having some alone time with myself!(omg, that sounded a bit pervy, don't think about it in THAT way, you perv!!! >.< xDD)

So how I'm gonna spend this time? I'm probably gonna read english 'cuz my english matriculation exam is coming up :// 
Kinda weird 'cuz I haven't stressed about it yet, but I believe that it will hit me sometime in this week xDD 

Haven't prepared at all for it so I think I'm screwed :D But it's okay! There's always pole dancing!!!!! >:D hhhahaa naah just kidding, I'mma work hard for it -_____-''

So That's it guys! Have a nice weekend!!! Riceball's out JOU! B)  xoxo


  1. U R SO BEAUTIFUL !!! anyways u have to do the curls to me someday !?! i cant do curls .. its so hard !!

  2. Thanks cutie<3 ^^ I know!!! It took me like forever to learn how to do curls xD I'll do them for you someday ;););)