Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yes. I have betrayed Nokia.
I feel so bad but at the same time somehow satisfied XDDD lol, what am I talking about? I've been drooling for an iPhone for over a year and now I finally got it! 
(+I bought it with my own money that I've worked so hard on!!)

But yeah, Lately I've been working and now I have three days off from work! Praise the Lord!!!!! 
I feel like I've been missing out summer (summer is almost over, guys! >.<) so these next days I'm gonna enjoy it ^^

Having an iPhone gives me more opportunities to camwhore, lol
My style when I go to work :P
Playing with my Niece<3 (sorry for my face, just woke up xD)
Getting fat at a chinese restaurant with my family! OMNOMNOM<3
We went shopping today at Myyrmanni and got a lot of lovely clothes<3 (gonna brag about it more in another post >:D)
I'm on Instagram now guys!
lenidee <-- search it ;)
Oh god.. I look older than my mom... XDDD
That's it folks!
See ya soon! ;)