Sunday, July 15, 2012

Loving Summer ft. Big sis

Hey Everyone!
I've been really busy with my work and other stuff. We're going to move soon! YEYEYYEYEEAAAAAHHHHHH :D

I haven't had time to really enjoy summer because of work so today I decided to go out with my big sister and my lovely niece to hang out and chill B)
+ camwhoring, lol

 Nicy is already over a year and a half! :D
I haven't put make-up for a very long time so I felt weird XD
(I don't wear a lot of make-up at work so :P)
 Wanna play? ;)
 Big sis TaoTao has to pee.
Thao trying to be a professional photographer and taking so-called "artistic" photos of me XDDD Failed or what?
I'm so addicted to my sunglasses ^____^
Gotta love pilots <3
 Doggie style? whut? o_o
"We bring the sexy back, YEAH!"

Hahaha so random once again XD
But yeah, I'm gonna be busy with all the moving and shit so see ya guys not-so-soon ! ::::D
Byeeeee, luvs<3 

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