Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 5: A picture of your favorite movie + awesome weekend behind!

I have a lot of favourite movies! So here's a few (not in a particular order :P)

Hhahah! I love this movie so much! It's Hilarious! You gotta love Sandra Bullock's humour and Ryan Reynold's body, aaaahhh~~! HOTNESS!!! ;D

THIS MOVIE ROCKS! >:D It's so funny! I laughed so hard that I could feel my sixpack!!! xD 
I just LOVE all Steve Carell's movies! They're so hilarious!! and he's an
awesome actor! xD
I think this one is my Favourite Movie :D Seriously guys, GO WATCH THIS! xDDD
Here's a small cut of my a funny scene in this movie 
Hahaha I laughed my ass off while watching this at 3am xD

And sorry for the delay for the 15 day photo challenge thingy but it's because I JUST HAD ONE HELLA AWESOME WEEKEND BEHIND!!!!! xD Hehehe^^ Too bad I didn't have my camera with me :(

But yeah I was @Vantaa from thursday to sunday and I spent my time with my Homies and my boyfriend also came to HElsinki!!!<3 :D
We went to Annyeong!Masquerade party that weekend and it was so much fun :D I was so happy 'cuz I haven't partied for a VERY LONG TIME!
It sucks now 'cuz I have to get back to normal days again... I'm practically living at school now... -_____-''

I miss my boyfriend and friends ;________;

And Now I'm off to class again, fml... XOXO

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