Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 1: A picture/Pictures of you and your best friends

We're sexy and we know it! Omg how old is this pic.... xDDD

Something so precious<3 It's been about 5 years I guess and our friendship will go on and on!! >:D
Milena, Katriina, Saga & Elise<3

I Love These Girls So Much!<3
Hahaha! I've known Alison already when I was in diapers and she's still very dear to me^^ We're asian neeeeerrrdddss<3

Trinhie!<3 Luv this gurl so much :)) Hahaha! we both look so young here xD Go check out her blog by clicking HERE!

And then there's Bright, my bro :D I think he's my only guy friend who's the closest to me and too bad he's also the one who lives the most far away :'( 
I miss our goofy times xDD

Aaaahh!! I just wanted to cry after searching for these pics. High school days will end soon and What's after that? We're not gonna see each other that often again and it just makes me sad :'(
I don't wanna grow up, I don't wanna be an adult >.<

I hope that even though we're all grown up we still keep in touch 'cuz my friends are so important to me, I don't wanna lose them >.< 

Aaahh! I'm such a pussy xD But anyway, no matter what life brings, I'll always cherish my friends in my heart!<3 ......... and I'm gonna stick with them 'til the end of their lives like glue!!! >:D

Hahaha! okey peace out babes! xoxo

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