Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was surfing on the net the other day. I was reading the news when I spotted a news that said :
So I was thrilled by these news! In the beginning of February would have a heat wave!! How awesome is that!?

So I went to school telling my friends about this xD
Some of my friends doubted that and today my friend, nailguru Banana send me this link ...

The lesson of this day is : The internet IS NOT always right.

I really want it to be summer already!! I can't deal with this snow anymore! I'm so sick of it -.-''
I gotta go read some religious stuff now.. I have a test tomorrow, Wish me luck 'cause I really need it to pass this damn test!! xDD

P.S. My sister plugged my eyebrows! Can you tell the difference? ;D


  1. Poor you, I had no idea you'd be so disappointed! :D

  2. Ahahah, I was like WHAAAT, I want snow when I come to Finland, then I read the other part and I was like: "Phuuuh =_=, If that would've been true, my holiday from school (1 month) would have been boring!"
    Because I took that holiday to see snow and go snowboarding! And I DO LOVE snow :)) Poor you, I'm sorry, but you could come here, we have space to you ;)