Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My last weekend @ A!Party

I spent my last weekend at Helsinki with my friend Alison. She's my best asian friend and I've known her for over ten years! :D She's great<3

We decided to go to this Annyeong!Party which is a dance party that plays korean songs and stuff. I had a lot of fun there! We danced most of the time and I got to meet new people! (I also met some of my friends that I haven't seen for many many years! xD)

Here's some pictures about my weekend and some stuff I got, enjoy^^

Yay! Asian Nerds FTW!<3

This is currently my favourite shirt^^ I bought this at H&M for only 12.95euros! :D
It says : " TrueLoveForeverMore LIPS The No.1 Word of Passion " <3 

Alison went to USA and got me this cute Domo-kun -doll<3

We were excited about the party and that's our outfit. The theme was Valentines day, as you can see, I have a heart on my tummy ;)

Another picture of my outfit^^ I just love that dress, I got it from Vietnam so I don't know what store I got it from but I'm pretty sure it was CHEAP! :D

My hairstyle and make up for the party.
(but these didn't last long because I danced and whipped my hair back and forth too much xD)

Oh! My current nails are pink :D I also got earrings! From USA :)

I had such a great asianese(?) weekend and now I'm a bit stressed about my Prom. But only this week and then it's WINTERBREAK!!!! :D OMG I'm so ooking forward to that, I need a holiday...


  1. I love that hairstyle! OwO *w*

  2. Thanks! I liked it too, too bad it didn't last long ^^ hihihi :P