Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sometimes I wonder whether I'm normal or not XD Btw Can you guys see my pupils? O_O
I'm the kind of person, when you poke or stretch my face even for a little bit my face will change completely, I don't even look like a human being anymore! :D

I haven't blogged anything for awhile so here's a little catch up :)

This is a shirt that I reeeeeeally wanted to buy at ONLY when I was at Helsinki with my friend Milena (we were supposed to look for summer jobs but we ended up going shopping^^)
Milena bough´t this shirt but I didn't because everyone has this shirt! >.< These old school hoodies are in currently ;D

These nails are so cute and cool! My friend Banana made these ;D

That's it for today, see ya guys soon! Riceball's Out!<3 :{D moustache man all the way!!!

PS. I'll make a Header soon ;)