Monday, May 14, 2012

Facial treatment + last weekend ;)

Today we had a cathup with my girls and Milena did a facial treatment for me and Katy! 
Loved it!<3 Check us out ;D

 (  .  )(  .  ) ;D
 Loooove these girls !!

Hhahah! Also a bit of my last weekend ^^ I had a blast !! It's been a long time since I've had so much fun and freedom :D
On friday I went to Flamingo to watch Finland vs Canada hockey match. We were chilling for awhile with my friends and then they asked if I wanted to go to Vantaan Tivoli. I thought "Well what the heck, LET'S GO! :D". Hahah Another spontaneous bar trip XD that picture with me and Hung is from Tivoli, looking high as always :::D

Saturday was exciting! ^^ I went to Pormestari aka Porkku, a small pub/bar. The music wasn't that good, the drinks were hella expensive and there were some fighting and shiet but with a great company, who cares!? >:D I had so much fun ^^
After that I went to Teemu's place for AFTER PAAAARTYYYYYYY!<3 One of the weirdest but the funniest after parties I've been to lately ;)
I love that small panic feeling in the morning when you can't remember where the hell you are! XD

You're young only once, 
So live to the fullest while you still can ! ;)