Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Hair Tutorial

HEEEYYY! I Know it's been a long time since I've updated but who cares? Do you care? No. Neither do I, so everyone's happy :D naaaaaah just kidding, I love u guys<3

Okay, so last weeken I was at A!Party, which was freaking awesome, and I want to give u guys quick hair tutorial of my hairstyle back then^^ 
Here's the after result and also my make up for the party :D (I know... This doesn't look like me at all xD)

1. Braid your hair in small sections

2. Use the hair straightener to straighten your every braid. (I think this damages your hair a lot but this way it lasts longer)

AAAAANND HERE'S THE RESULT! This hairstyle is perfect for partying! It's easy to whip ur hair back and forth, It creates extra volume and it looks cute :3

Hope you guys liked it!<3

PS. I Miss my friend Banana :''(

The MOST EPIC picture ever Lol xD This was taken years ago :D


  1. Oh TÄNKS LetQ... -.- I miss u too! :<

  2. Wot about meh?? DD: I miss u toooooo TT^TT

  3. I Miss You ALL!!!<3<3<3 But I miss Kari's steaks the most >:D