Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dumb, Mr.Sunshine

I made an error there, I forgot an "a". The sentence goes like : "... is A real Butthole!" :D

Thank you, webcam. You have totally raped my picture... I really like leopardprinted stuff<3 They're so SEXY ;D

That's it for today, Kinda random post ^^ I look like that skunk, don't I? It's my cute niece's, Nicy's toy. She's a REALLY CUTE baby, I'll post some pictures later this week!<3 Buh Byeee~! :3


  1. Wasn´t he supposed to be "dot fucker"? xD
    Love those nails! 8) <3

  2. I decided not to use that word because I have a young reader here :P
    Thx, banana<3 Upload ur nail pics god dammit!!! The white ones! >:DD

  3. Krhhm, are you talking about me, eh?? 8)
    Love those nails+that cutie /skunk/ (?) :))

  4. Hihih^^ Thanks<3
    and yeah, we're talking about you my little friend ;)