Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer 2012, come already

BOO!!! Scared ya ! >:D

Hahah I'm feeling so good right now ^^ My exams are all over and summer break starts NOW! :D (Hopefully my grades are good enough to get me out of high school XD)

Right now I'm just gonna wait if I get any job offers :/ If I can't get a summerjob this year then I'mma spend my summer in Germany!!!!! It would be cool but I'd miss my friends so I don't know what to hope for xD

This week is gonna be awesome! My big sis is turning 21 (freaking old hag) this thursday and we're gonna party on a cruise, Hell yeaaaaaahhh B) 
Gonna have fun and party all night long with the best crew ever ;)

I have a feeling that this summer is gonna be awesome! SUMMER 2012, Come sooner!!!!!!!!

Peace out folks, xoxo

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