Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines day to all singles and couples and dogs and cats and every living thing in the world!!

Be happy if you have someone close to you and cherish every moment together^^

Today was pretty awesome! I went shopping for fake eyelashes, make-up and sexy thighs for my Penkkari costume!

Penkkarit is a day for seniors in high school when they dress up as different kinds of characters and throw candy all over the town ! It's a cool tradition in Finnish education program! >:D

So thursday is Penkkarit and friday I'mma go on cruise with other seniors from other high schools! It's gonna be amazing!!! XD

Hihihih gonna take a loads of pics >:D I won't reveal my costume yet, you'll guys'll see it in the next post (which is propably after weekend ;))

See ya soon! And have a happy Valentine's Day again ! xoxo ^^

ps. Miss mah babe so much :''(

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