Saturday, January 14, 2012

Katy's 18th Birthday PArty!!!! ;D [PICTURE HEAVY!]

Yesterday my friend KÄDÄH turned eighteen finally!!!!! Thank god! xD hahahahha We had the most awesome time ever!
It's been a long time since I've been at a bar so the mood was as high as we were! Hahhaha suck on it, I'm an adult, I'm allowed to be high! >:D
I'll explain through pictures ;)
Oh btw! I just cut my hair, I have bangs! ^^ This was supposed to be my party shirt but it was too revealing so I changed it afterwards xD

@Katriina's finally! Hahahah the best crew to go clubbing ;)
 My wifey Elise <3 and yeah that's my outfit :D It's Banana's shirt muhahhahahaaa! Miss her :')
 "wtf? Kädä's an adult"-face

 BIRTHDAY GURL!!!<3 That tiara is from me!! :D
Already eighteen and still doesn't know how to open a bottle....


 Closer look :P

 Others drink sophisticately and I DRINK SHOTS LIKE A BOSS!
 Better look of our outfits :D
 I love how retarded my friends are <3

 <3 ^^
 I'm Asian & I Know It~~~~
 Off to Riihimäki !
 SHOU SHEXHYYYY !!!! no, we're not drunk yet xD
 Hihihihi loved it when she wore that tiara ^^ @Parnells
 Off to Hyvinkäää !
 "Poppin' bottles in the ice!!!!"
 @Alepub warming up before going to Level 5! ;) My hands were shaky at this point xD
Best pics are always taken in toilets XD
I didn't have pictures of Level 5 but that place was great! They have a pole!! :D

This was how it looked at Level 5 ! After about 5 hours(?) we left with an awesome feeling B)
Still feeling hyper xD
Had a great night! Got to know some awesome people and everything was just awesome ^^ I'm happy that everyone in our group is now adults! UNICORNS 4EVERRR!! 
But we never really grow up, We just learn how to act in public ;D

Hahhah! Friday the 13th was awesome !
I'm out, Peace Babes!<3 XOXO


  1. hahaaa mä en ees muistanu näit vikoi kuvii! :D mut jeyy oli kyllä huikeeta ;)

  2. Hahahaa must on jotenki kiva tietää et hyväksikäytätte mun vaatteita, vähän ku olisin ollu tavallaan mukana siel.. :') Looking goood görls! <3 Teil oli varmasti ihan mielettömän kivaa!! xD

  3. sajdfaodkfogiadks ufo on herkkua :33