Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mami's Birthday 6.12.11 ! :))

My mom's birthday was last tuesday! Yeeeyyy! She's 44 now but she still looks like she's at her thirties xDDD 
God blessed Asians with babyfaces ;)
We have a tradition of dressing up in dressses every year on our mami's birthday :P

 This is my 44 years old mommy<3 She looks young aight? xD

 My big sis and I in dresses :P

Love This Pic So Much<3

BTW! See that necklace? It's my christmas present from Thai<3 HIhihih I wear it all the time ^^ Damn I miss him ><
Photo bombed by a bitch ! xD
 What do u guys think? Does she look like 44? XDD

 HOT POT!!!!!!! OMNOMNOMMM!!!<3 >:D
 Trinhie came<3

 My big sis Thao made this awesome cake here! It's as delicious as it seems! Good job Thao ! (Y)
 Hahahha!!! It seems more like Trinhie is the birthday girl! xDDD
Atfer 7 minutes...
 Aaaahhh~~! Yummyy<3
A closer look of my dress :P Thao bought it for me from Seppälä :) 

I Love You Mami<3 ^^